(Not-So-)Little Blessings: My Family

Friday, September 4, 2009

All together, July 2009... Six sisters, one brother, one sister-in-law, one husband, one baby boy, one "adopted" sis, and two incredible parents who started the whole thing.

This is the good stuff.... These faces, this circle of love and support and brilliance and laughter. I am SO lucky.



  1. What a beautiful family! Gorgeous photo too.

  2. gorgeous, loving people. :) love it. feel happy and proud!

  3. Your parents must be so proud and thankful for this loving family! I'm sure holiday's are a blast. Awesome pictures!!

  4. A gorgeous family. And I have to tell you, because I don't think any woman can hear it enough, that I am in awe every time I see you in a picture of how beautiful I think you are. Truly.
    Miss you guys.

  5. What an adorable family! Great photo! Which brings me to my next do you get your blog to be so wide and post such big groupings of pics? I am totally not techy, but I love how yours looks!

    Hope you remember me. Phil Fleming's wife. :)

  6. I guess somehow, someone did something right, either in the life before or the life now. Sometimes I look at what we all have and I wonder how we all got so lucky. Seriously, when I hear about all the troubles other people have with their families, I feel so amazingly blessed. I love all you guys!

  7. This is so lovely.

    We're doing a surprise 75th birthday party for my Nana this Saturday. I am supposed to get photos of everyone. Too bad we won't have such a lovely backdrop. :)

  8. You can feel the love in this picture. What a blessing to have been able to capture it.


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