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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remember Baby L.? His Dr. Seussian hat and his tiny little newborn frame?

I tried to narrow down a few more to show.... But as you can see by the following long series of images, I didn't do a very good job of limiting my favorites. Ha! He was just so perfect-- so small, so sleepy, and so sweet. See for yourself!

This next one: Color? Or B&W? I haven't decided for myself yet...

(This little guy was SO cozy in the basket... Seriously, we could have moved him anywhere-- peek for yourself-- LOVE this outtake of Mama helping me switch settings!)(LOVE my newest Craig's List treasure... Rickety, rusty... PERFECT.)
And one more....
Amelia, thank you for such a wonderful afternoon, letting me shush and cuddle and swaddle your wee one-- then put him in all sorts of baskets, wraps and doo-dads for his session. He was a dream! These images make my heart melt... I hope they do the same for you!


In other news, my sister Beckie is HOME! Remember this post? Over a year ago, my kid sister left for a year-long civilian contractor job in Iraq... and it is ABOUT TIME she got her tush back here. It has been so fun... Lots of family time at my folks' house this weekend, an adventure in family photos, lots of food, laughter... And watching my siblings interact with Noah is so good for my soul.

Welcome home, sis.

The rest of this week promises to be whirlwind. My goals:
1. get storage room back in ship shape
2. edit/sort/upload sessions
3. clean the house top to bottom
4. wash cars
5. Morning Art with Noah
6. drink LOTS of water every day
7. let GO of stress when my gaggle of girls arrive Friday for the Midwest Crafty Weekend... (More on that soon...)

That should be enough to keep me busy. So on that note... Time for bed. I've got a LOT to do in the next few days!



  1. These are beautiful! He is just perfect! Bravo!

  2. The pictures are beautiful!!! Personally I like the color one. Do not worry about us coming, it will be wonderful

  3. the color one!!!!! totally. the background in the bw is too busy and interferes with the focus. i was thinking that the bw would work if it was cropped in and then i scrolled down a couple pics and saw the one in bw and it is perfect. seriously. i love it!

  4. For once, I actually prefer the b&w one! But my favorite (how does one choose?) is the antique one in the carriage. That thing is SO COOL!

    Also, I am so giddy about coming out there on Friday. SO giddy.

  5. B&W, B&W, B&W!!! Did I say B&w? Adore that last one, so so sweet.

  6. I love that stroller. What a great find!

  7. He's awesome, and I maybe have a slight preference for the color one, but what do I know :-)

    Meanwhile, just a quick "Thanks" for a fun family weekend and for sharing your Noah...

  8. Oh my aching uterus!! He is SO precious.

  9. Oh he is precious! Love both the B&W, and the color. I wouldn't be able to choose, either!!

    Where DID you get that basket, BTW?? **SWOON**!!

  10. These are darling. Very very darling.

    And you never let me know which camera and lens you decided on!

  11. For me, color all the way!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and I just loved those little squished up lips:)

  12. Well done! Craigslist is a great place for those little treasures like the stroller you found.

  13. I can't gush enough about these. Seriously, the basket?? and the carriage?? just so stinkin' cute. Why in the world do we live so far away?? I just love it all, and I'm glad sister is back. How wonderful.


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