DC Session #1: Jackie and Jefferson

Friday, July 17, 2009

One of my six DC sessions took place at the Jefferson Memorial. What a kick!
It was a drizzly day, and my Old Navy flip flops were NOT the footwear to be wearing on slick marble.... But I managed NOT to fall down all the stairs before my session even began.

I got to meet Jackie-- a spunky, energetic 18-month old, and chase her all over the portico. Her parents were sweet and flexible and trusting as I snapped furiously, reassuring them we were getting some good shots in between Jackie's bursts of energy and independence.

I loved every minute!

We made time later in my whirlwind weekend for the "garage session", where I got to snap Jackie and three other cuties in solo shots. My absolute favorite photos from this cute family is the last one of Jackie--- her blue blue eyes and her floating blonde curls... She makes my heart happy!

Thanks, DC sessions! More to come...


How many columns does the Jefferson Memorial have? In honor of the cherry trees lining the path to the memorial, I'll send a Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom lotion or dish soap to a random commenter who gets the answer correct! You get until midnight July 17th.


  1. If I am remembering correctly from counting when I was a kid visiting, there are 26. For some reason my grandmother made me count them.

  2. Yes, Christina is right...there are 26! UGH...I thought I'd be the winner for sure!

  3. Hey Emily-I love your blog. I am a follower from BC. Basically a lurker. I have a November 2007 baby, but love your writing!

  4. 26 ... but I'm late :o( If you count ALL of the pillars though (and not just the ones around the dome) I believe there is something like 54. maybe. it's been years since I've been there!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. There are 26.....but I'm too late. Bummer. Since you're in D.C. should come to Scranton!!! It's only a 4 hour drive, and besides being an ultra exciting city, (Ha!) you could get a picture by the Mifflin Ave sign. Of course, I guess that's only exciting if you watch The Office. Either way, you should totally come here! I would totally hire you.

  7. All of you are correct, and NOBODY is too late!! I will pick a random winner tonight at the end of my editing! :) You might just still be a weeeeeeener!

  8. Judie9:10 PM

    I didn't cheat and look at the entries, first; however, I did Google, LOL. That would be 26. Em... I couldn't stop laughing at the thought of you sliding on the marble in your flip flops. That was me tonight in the grocery store... wet store floor + flippies with next to no traction = a recipe for a disaster!

  9. There are 26. I looked it up on :-)


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