Home Again...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home again. Breathing in harmony with the gentle sounds of the blow dryer CD in my baby's room as he takes his first nap in his own crib in over two weeks. Not looking at the luggage or mail or dust in the other room. Waiting for Joe to come home with some good food to eat. Taking time to only open and look at ONE photo of the thousand I took during our time away, and even that one only so I can give my little blog an image to hint at the time we spent so far away.

Going to nap.
Going to begin digging through all the work piles from my absence (checks to deposit, prints to order, session inquiries to respond to, confirmations to make, equipment to purchase... LOTs to do here!).
Going to let Joe get some time on his beloved computer game. (He's been such a good sport to not play for over three weeks... He deserves some "junk-out0-in-front-of-the-computer" time!).
Going to maybe watch a Netflix movie while he does that while I work on books.

What I Loved About my Trip (just a few to start... I could go on and on...):

Good food
Dear friends
the magnificent, glorious Tetons (doesn't that photo above just take your breath away?!?! I got to see that kind of view EVERY DAY for a WEEK.)
Hugs from loved ones
Noah's milestones and adaptabilities
My husband, a marvelous travel partner

What I Missed During My Absence:
My mouse. (How do you laptop folk DO IT??! I HATED sliding my stupid finger all over the pad to get to where I needed. UGH. NOT in that habit.)
My bed.
My online universe.
Noah sleeping through the night.
My lovely neighborhood and my awesome city.
Variety of outfits to wear (I only brought 5, so I was so OVER those choices by the end!).
The Bachelorette. (I am SO lame, I know!)
Our stroller.
My iTunes.

So.... For now.... I am just gonna check in, say hi... and promise more to come. I had two sessions while I was gone, both were SO FUN!! I have back sessions from before my trip to share with you. I have so many tales and thoughts and LIFE to throw on here.... to journal about.... and I am feeling newfound energy and passion for a LOT of things, so get ready.... I am BACK!


  1. Looks like good times were had. Awesome.

    As for the laptop, I'm used to the laptop mouse, but I have a wireless mouse from the desktop and am not afraid to plug it in if I need to. :)

  2. Miss your face already. But I so know the feeling of the relief of being home after a long vacation. Glad you made it safely

  3. What a fabulous picture... Zachary is headed up there in a couple of weeks (I think, if I can get everything arranged... he has been in AZ for the past month (I have gone to see him twice). He is stayinf at my mom's & attending a music day camp (that is the positive reason as to why he is gone. there are others that aren't so happy. I love you em. so wish you were here... actually contemplated contacting you about coming for a visit, but in the end, just don't have the funds. I will be in touch soon (things are kind of rough right now) and in the meantime will find my "smiles on your blog. Love you

  4. It's funny that you're so in love with the computer mouse whereas I am so accustomed to being on my laptop that when I have to use a mouse it throws me off completely.
    But sometimes I do prefer the mouse because it's easier to maneuver.

    On a second note, I'm GLAD you're back and I want to thank you for the phone call the other day. Your words combined with the discussion I had with Tamara (the sister-in-law, not the friend) have really calmed my nerves about leaving for school in 18 days. Having people close to me that have gone through what I'm about to experience is just what I need before I take the plunge.

  5. What a gorgeous photo!! Thanks for sharing it so quickly with us! SO glad you're back home...

    a. Laptop mice--TOTALLY. Ugh.

    b. The Bach'ette was CRAZAYZY. CRAZY. I won't give anything away, but....WOW. Both weeks.

  6. sigh. heart you! glad to have you around again, but even gladder you got to recharge your mojo. can't wait to see the Tetons through your eyes!!

  7. Welcome back!! I'm glad your trip was so great, but I'm glad to have you back!

  8. Beautiful photo- if people want to wax lyrical about the Tetons, I will concede that they have something to wax lyrical about (sorry Utah/Colorado folk- I still haven't been convinced that those mountains are enough to wax lyrical about- give me the Appalachians every time!)
    I WILL see those glorious Tetons the meantime, thanks for letting me enjoy a glimpse of them vicariously... :)

    Welcome home. I look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks! Love you!

  9. Welcome home, Em :)

  10. GREAT shot of the mountains! I'm glad you were out here. And I'm also happy for you being able to sleep in your own bed, and being able to walk around your house without having to worry about everyone else. Good luck with all the work!

  11. Missed you and your blog, so I am excited that you are back. It's funny how a blog can just brighten one's day! I love the pic of the Tetons and your boys. Very cute and very grand.

    Welcome back to the Lou!

  12. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I'm glad your back... can't wait to see your photographs!!!!

    your faithful American reader in Germany--Becky

  13. Yay! I've missed you!

  14. Welcome Home I can't get enough of the Tetons either. What a spectacular place. I bet you feel so refreshed.
    The comforts of home are so nice after a long trip though.
    I'm sorry I missed your call yesterday I was in the middle of presidency meeting and then my dad arrived from the airport and this morning I went to surgery and this afternoon I slept and slept.. so It's 3:30 and I'm taking a moment to say hi!
    Miss ya!

  15. I can do the laptop touch screen, but my fingertips actually get a bit sore if I do it for too long. I bought a wireless mouse because of that (and the need for a scroll button...) But right now the laptop is on my actual lap at the library, so mouse-y stayed home. Sore fingers, here I come :-)

    Love the picture. Glad it was a good trip! See you soon



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