These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I live a pretty unglamorous life-- we don't have much money, and we don't have a huge life beyond our little Mason Attic... It is usually just Joe, Noah, and me, living, listening to music, laughing, enjoying walks on our shady street, reading... with a few dear friends thrown in, and two incredible families.

So I have found that it is the little things that can bring a little of the outside world back to me-- the trinkets and treasures that I find that make my heart smile. I don't need diamonds or yachts, but being treated (or treating myself) with something little and lovely, something handmade and beautiful, can bring the most wonderful sparkle to my simple life.

Here, in photos, just a few of my favorite things-- things that I love to see and hold and use in my daily wanderings around my little world:

{1. hand-lettered address stamp for the mail i love to send out: By Lettergirl on Etsy}
beware-- if you aren't careful, you'll find yourself buying one for your very own...

{2. "Hot Mama"- a Mother's Day gift from Joe to me: by ModernMama on Etsy}
The loveliest gift a new mom, frumpy and sleep-deprived, could get. I adore vintage fans anyway, so this was a grand slam.
{3. Handmade Lollipops by Hammond's Candies (since 1920)}
oh the colors... oh the FLAVORS... oh the cuteness of a lollipop in a kid's photoshoot! *swoon*
(add in an Anthropologie mug, and it is pretty much the cutest photo of the day.)

{4. Homegrown zinnias from the Soulard Farmer's Market}
my absolute favorite flower of summertime... one day I'll have a yard of my own and endless bouquets of these sweet blooms.
{5. Handmade, Hand-Stamped Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace: by Pam Kehoe-Peterson}
I treated myself to this powerful necklace-- incredible craftsmanship, and the message to myself-- ONWARD... No matter what. Keep moving upward and onward... LOVE LOVE this one.

{6. Morning Art: by Noah and Mama}
the growing stack of lovely little random art that Noah and I make every morning...I need to tell you about it one day. It is pretty wonderful.
{7. "Because Nice Matters": by MommatoBoys on Etsy}
A perfect little square of truth.... My dear friend Jennie makes lots of these with the sweetest, most positive messages...This greets me in my kitchen each day.
{8. The Robot: from Hip and Humble, a darling Salt Lake City boutique}
a birthday treat this year... I had to get it because Noah adores robots and will even make the noise-- boop boop beep!
{9. Handmade Ceramic Letter Magnets: found at Poppy, the coolest boutique in Columbia, MO}
my bessie Genny gifted me with these beautiful things. See all our names? LOVE. Noah loves these, too...
{10. Japanese Masking Tape: featured on Oh Happy Day, the design blog, and sold at Ginko Papers}
beware both these websites... I'm just warning you now. Better yet, don't avoid them-- go get me something! And c'mon. This is MASKING TAPE. Too cute!!
...ahh.... Little treasures. Individually none very valuable.... but collectively, they define a bit of me, they bring me joy, and they inspire me.


Your turn: what is one of YOUR current favorite things?


  1. 1. I hadn't seen your address stamp yet! How COOL!

    2. I ENVY you that necklace...I remember seeing you wear it shortly after you got it and thinking it was the neatest thing (still do!)...and, along with 5 & 8, you have such a FAB collection of these!

    3. I just remembered I had a Hammond's Sugarplum candy cane in my desk drawer...stowed away for when I needed it. Thanks for reminding'll take me til the end of the work-day to eat it!

    9. I'm so glad you both love these! They were a total impulse buy. I wasn't totally done with your Xmas gifts yet, and went in there for the orange ugly doll, and thought you might be crazy for them too!

  2. Wow! Such cool things! I am definitely going to buy an address stamp. And those lollipops are amazing. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  3. I did, in fact, just receive an awesome package of a few of your favorite things! Lovin' me some toblerone while reading a good book--my favorite way to pass some time. Thanks so much, it was such a delight to get a package in the mail.

  4. I love posts like this from you. Inspires me to think outside the box, and gives me great ideas!

  5. I like greeting cards. I buy them and don't always give them out. I just collect them. I love the pictures on the front.
    I also love notebooks. Just cute notebooks. Or plain ones.

  6. One of my Favorite Things is the beautiful table cloth you brought back from Europe for us.... I think of all of you everytime I use it ;>

  7. Yes, you do need to blog about morning art - I think it's one of the best ideas ever... and not just because of the fine motor development :-P

    Have a good one...

  8. You and your favorite things simply inspire me! Making the list humbles me, of course, but there are several OTHER things on that list I love. **swoon**


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