The Satisfying Slow Span of Summer

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I Am Loving Right Now:

* Popsicles. slushies. Slurpees. Cherry Limeades. Anything cool and fresh!

* Mozzarella Caprese... Katie's fave. Luscious tomatoes, soft mozzarella, fresh basil, balsamic vinaigrette. Mmmmmm!

* Skirts... long, swishy, flowy... with flip flops

* Gelato: two flavors, please... a hazelnut and a fruit.

* Late sunshine lasting past baby's bedtime...

* New music to blare in the car with the windows down.

* Doo-dads in my hair (Dawn, can I have a few more yarn flowers?!)

* Baja Blast Mountain Dew

* Forest Park so close to me-- playgrounds, zoo, science center, wildflowers, nature trails... Come visit, people!!

* The Midwest Crafty Weekend in TWO WEEKS!! Girls, I CANNOT WAIT. Sure you don't want to stay an extra week!?!

* New fabrics... projects-in-embryo just waiting for me to finally get time

* Letting go... Learning, growing, moving on.

What are YOU loving right now?

P.S. Contest winner from yesterday: Jami!! I'll get your treat in the mail next week!


  1. I love how much Noah looks like Joe, for once, in that picture! Also, I am equally excited for the crafty weekend.

    But my original thought... White peaches. I would choose to eat them over candy any day of the week. Yay summer!

  2. I'm loving the monsoon season right now! AWESOME lightning storms with crazy, windy weather and downpours of rain! I LOVE IT!

    *thanks for the win ... how exciting!!!*

  3. I am in love with this photo of Noah! Simply precious.

  4. I'm loving that summer has finally arrived in the Northeast! I love carefree strolls with my hubby and boys along the river's boardwalk! I love looking forward to a second vacation at the lake! I love fresh corn on the cob! I love our no-rush summer schedule! I'm lovin' just about everything right now.

  5. So good to run into you on Saturday night. Can't wait to see the pictures from the shoot.

    And as far as gelato, I am in LOVE with the gelato from Benito's...a delectable combination is that of the dark chocolate and the blood orange. good. And Whole Foods makes some terrific gelato with very little fat in it, too (so it's healthy, right?!)...and they have some fabulous flavors.

    This is a good exercise for me. I am in love with the incredible weather in July, in love with my husband for being so good about helping out around the house, in love with making time to see friends and family, and I'm in love with every little stage, smile, and toothy grin of Lucy's.

  6. Hi, Emily! Glad Utah was fun for you guys.

    I'm lovin' this beautiful July rain right now!

  7. Ooooh new music? That is something I am woefully in need of... I adore your list and all of the things that you are enjoying.

    Right now I am loving potential - for some reason I feel like a light bulb is about to go on, and i can't wait to see what it is. (Hopefully it will bring with it the inspiration to finish unpacking).

  8. Oh, how I miss this little man already! I'm sure Bry does too, even if she can't vocalize it entirely. I just got your email and LOVE the pics. I will be in touch. We are running off to go camping, so I'll write you an actual email when we get back.

  9. I love your blog, Emily. This is Christi Callister, by the way. I'm just starting to dabble into photography again, myself. I love your work and I love your writing. This will be such a fun blog to follow. I hope you're well and happy.

  10. I just love that Noah has a mostly-devoured popsicle in each hand- it's just great!


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