We Love You, But...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

{June Family Photo Fun}
We love you, but we have to go away for a while. Tomorrow morning, bright and early (like not-even-BRIGHT-yet bright-and-early), we head to the open skies to fly to Utah for a two week vacation. We'll spend the first week up in the glorious, make-me-want-to-weep-with-its-beauty Teton Mountain Range, and the second week toolin' around with various lovely family and friends.

We won't be bloggin' much (or at all) during this time, but I promise to be back FULL force, with LOTS of photos and stories and session-shares and ideas and rejuvenated spirits upon our return in July.

Until then, adieu, ciao, toodles, and see ya on the flip side!


  1. oooh, I am So glad for you that you're not driving this time! Have a wonderful time, and I hope to chat with you SOON!!

  2. Awww, you'll most likely be gone for the new site launch. Waaaa. ;)

    Have fun!!

  3. hey, we'll be there the same time! how fun! :o)

    have a safe trip!!!

  4. Oh my HEAVENS! I forgot to tell you. Chris's neice got engaged so we had to move our Utah trip to the end of July. WAAAAHHHH! IF we go to Utah at all, depending on if we buy a house or not. I'm calling you right now!

  5. YAY! Can't wait to see you!

  6. I love that Joe has on his real glasses under the stylin' ones. And that he'd wear your headband! Awesome.

  7. Hey! I am going up to Utah on the 1st and will be there for about 3 weeks. It would be fun to have lunch or something. Let me know if you can fit me into your schedule! I will email you my phone number.

  8. Dear Joe,

    If you get to see Matt and Rob...YOU STINK! I haven't seen either in years and I'll be jealous of all the fun your families will be having. Have a wonderful time and Emily, take LOTS of pictures!

  9. Counting down the days until you come home! I need my Emily fix!


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