Friends Let Friends Think Outside the Box: The Wisconsin Sessions

Monday, June 8, 2009

So... a month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to take my boys for a road trip up to Wisconsin for a long weekend get-together with two of my dearest friends. The plan? Both had hired me to do their family photos, which turned into a bigger, more elaborate adventure involving two plane tickets from Utah, one packed car from St. Louis, three 18-month old toddler boys, some custom-ordered oversized balloons, and a few fake mustaches.

The result? An unforgettable weekend filled with magnificent photos and even more magnificent memories...

Thanks, girls... For letting me play around and for being willing to think outside the box!

{Warning: a gazillion photos ahead. I just simply couldn't pick a few favorites.

Warning #2: I have a few more AWESOME ones up my sleeves. Saving them for the next post so they have the OOMPH they deserve.

Warning #3: Some of these may be a bit... ahem... UNCONVENTIONAL. Ya know what? It's my style, evolving and discovering itself and getting comfortable in its shoes... Roll with it!}

{A little mustache magic--}

{the three of us.... Online Bessies and proud of it!}

{The Garage Session: **swoon** over this light!}

{And yes-- we thought we'd try to get these three precocious boys in a shot together, in their matching sock monkey t-shirts (explained more HERE)... But the garages setup? FORGET it. All were OVER it by then. Pretty much THIS is the best we got... Ha ha!}


{A few downtown Milwaukee shots...}

{And a few more of we three.... For now.}

Thanks for indulging me. I mean, sure, I should have narrowed down the photos... For your sake. But, well.... It's MY blog. And I ADORED this weekend. And the girls and babies and husbands involved. So neener neener. I'll throw down 35 photos in one post if I wanna.


If I haven't chased you away by now, tune in next time for a few last clever ones... And a homage to THIS guy.


  1. loved ALL the pics! you are such a talented photog...i can't wait for MY session with you!!!! looks like this trip was so much fun. :)

  2. great photos!! i love them all!!!

  3. I love it! Thank you for posting so many. I love them all, and it was easily the most relaxed and wonderful photo session(s) I've ever done. You are amazing.

  4. These are GREAT Emily! I tried little balloons once and was disappointed. These huge ones look awesome! So fun.

  5. Whatevs, I'd look at 35 more! As always...blown away...

  6. Lovin' these adorable pics!!! So cute! My top 2:

    - the hubby winking w/ the 'stache (gotta love classic!)

    - the couple smoochin' w/ the child looking down on them from behind, sucking his bottom lip--TEE hilarious, don't really know why!

  7. Really that was 35 pictures. I enjoyed looking at every last one and can't believe it was that many pictures. Awesome

  8. I love them all Em, you did such a great job. I think my favorite is the picture of all three of you girls.... and the picture of Mel laughing. It makes me giggle when I see it.

    Nice job as usual!

  9. i think the world needs more fake moustaches - and more pictures of little guys screaming their heads off. LURV IT!

  10. Oh my, you have outdone yourself!!! I love all of the pictures!! My husband would LOVE a photoshoot like that, some of the really "unposed" ones are just incredible!!!! COME TO CALIFORNIA!!!

  11. I LOVE your use of color!

    And the balloons were awesome!

  12. I loved all the photos of the people, of course. The shots of the city were fantastic. Loved the black and whites and the colorful buildings one.

  13. Melissa6:01 AM

    Great pictures! Love the emotion and relationships that you captured. The red balloons are cool! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Anonymous11:20 AM

    You are a talented photographer!
    I was checking out some fabric patterns and I thought of you and your cute monkey puppets. Check out this link:

  15. I'm loving your evolving style, you rock!

  16. How beautiful - they are fabulous, and your adoration of each other shines so brightly! I adore the balloons and mustaches, but mostly the comfort in their eyes that comes with trusting a person will show them their best selves.

  17. Oh, these were so sweet and fun! I'm glad you had such a great time and got such fantastic photos.

  18. You are an incredible photographer! It was wonderful meeting you gals and your families!

  19. I smiled the whole way through this post.

    And now my face hurts!

    Thanks for making me feel pretty!

  20. Well, I guess this is what I get for not checking up on blogs for the last three weeks... at least this post was mostly photos, so it was a quick "read"-

    I love these photos- so beautiful! I love the shots of Milwaukee architecture (I really am a sucker for detailed architecture like that...)- very lovely.

    The 'stache photos were delightful- I definitely think those are a must-have prop for any serious photographer :)

    I think my favorite photo was the one of the darling redhead walking with his mommy (the shot you took from behind). Absolutely charming!

    I can't wait to catch up on the next ones!


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