Friends Let Friends Think Outside the Box: Torn Paper

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I promised you a few more:

I absolutely have to give credit for this idea to Duston Todd and THIS post. He is an incredible film photographer/artist my friend Katie introduced me to, and his work has completely captured my imagination. I love this paper idea, and am thrilled that my two girls were trusting enough to let me implement it.

A few more, for your (or at least MY) enjoyment:

(and of course the ubiquitous mustaches....)

(and some outtakes, in color... LOVE the color almost as much as the black and white... I dunno... Something about the faded finish...)

These girls + getting together in real life = TOTAL SYNERGY.



  1. You gals laughing so hard makes me laugh. How fun and creative. Love it.

  2. nice work! LOVE the last shot, the laughing is contagious.
    i, personally, like the b&w more, color can have too many variables that become distracting whereas the b&w allows you to concentrate on the shapes, textures, and expressions opnion.

    thanks for the shot out. glad to know my work is helping spin wheels. - keep it up!

    and as for the mustache thing...PLEASE keep doing it. you're on your way to a book being published "mustacheod". love it.

  3. The pictures definitely show the bond that you have with the girl.... it looks like you've known each other forever! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

    I simply can't wait until I get to meet some ELW-ers. ;)

  4. hehehe...LOVE those! Em, you are prescious!

  5. I agree. Total Synergy. LOVE these. & LOVE YOU. <3

  6. :) Beth12:38 AM

    Contagius laughing of the best kind! :)

    Molly was absolutely beside herself today over the mustaches. She caught Mel's avatar over my shoulder and wouldn't rest until she's seen EVERY mustache picture there was to see. So if there ever is a coffee table book of 'staches...we'll need a copy!

  7. The last three of you all laughing so hard makes me laugh. I love them. Especially the one where you can see your face in the background. I miss seeing you at school everyday...but I know neither one of us misses west :)

  8. A rush of wonderful memories came back as I looked through these.

    What a great time we 3 had. Seriously.

    You ladies ROCK.

  9. Wow! Where'd you get the paper? I love these shots, especially the last one. The hilarity on your faces in that shot speaks volumes, and it makes us all want to join in the fun!

    thanks for taking the time to share with us!


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