Noah at 18 Months

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just ordered one of these for my wall, 11x14.
(First one to guess the correct one I ordered gets a mini-package of three of my favorite things-- Burt's Bees chapstick, Toblerone bar, and a headband. It's been too long since I had a contest!)

Love this kid. LOVE these shots. He is so full of personality and life!

(And yes, he IS crabby, lots of times!)


  1. #7.

    Only 6 and 7 have minimal/no drool, and his hair is a bit wild in #6. So logically, it's #7.

    And if not, then it should be.

    Great pics!

  2. #5? I love that crabby shirt. I saw a little boy with one on Friday and almost stripped it right off him for Hayden, the queen of crabbiness.

  3. I'm guessing #3. These are all so cute! How do you decide?!

  4. #2 but really I'd pick any one! :) They are all so cute! :) How are you enjoying the freedom that nursery provides?

  5. I love these pictures! He is just so adorable. Of course, with all these adorable photos, it's hard to pick just one, but to me the most logical choice would be #7- it seems to be the most portrait-like. However, I could see you hanging #1 up on the wall, too...I like the way he is looking more off into the distance, like he's having a vision of what his amazing future will be :) So, since I'm sure you won't let me choose both, for the contest purposes, I pick #1.

  6. I pick #4. No one's picked that one yet. But I do like 7 the best.

  7. He's so handsome Emily! And it looks like he's getting the hang of modeling too ;)

    Drool is something that you can talk to me about. Alex stopped only few weeks ago and I'm not sure he's done.

    Beautiful work - as ALWAYS!

  8. I won't guess a number so that I can share some Emily love with others, but let me just say they would ALL look outstanding on your wall. And, do you even have any wall space still available? :)

  9. I go with #7, he's got such a sweet look on his face!

  10. I'm guessing 3, but I think they're all adorable!

  11. Judie8:56 AM

    My vote is for #4, but Anna beat me to it :-) Love them all regardless!

  12. #6

    I was going to say 2 but someone guessed that already and I love his hair in 6. They are all so fun, how do you choose. 7 is a bit more classic (so sweet) but I don't know if you are always about classic and I think 6 is just fun.

    Happy 18 months (YAY, Nursery!!!!).

  13. #7, please. :) Though, they are all great. :)

  14. I'm gonna go with #7 :o)

    I LOVE his shirt!!! Where did you get it at??

  15. Hmm.. Personally I love #6, it's just to darn cute!

  16. I don't know which one you printed, because How Do You Choose from such great choices? but what is he asking "more" of? Smart kid, that one.

  17. Dawn otf11:27 AM

    I'm going to guess #7. Such a cute little expression. I 'm also going to guess you were singing itsy bitsy spider. :)

  18. While 7 is the favorite of many, I think #2 is the winner...even if I am not the first to guess it. These are such great pistures, though. You are such a brilliant photographer!!

  19. #3... Is he doing the sign for "more" int hese pictures? Chase always does that one! It is jsut too darn cute. He does the one for please too. Or at least he tries. What signs has Noah learned how to do?

  20. Thanks, guys, for the love!! I adore him, personally... :)

    Ashley is the winner with #5. I just likes the body language and his perfect scowl. But really, I loved ALL of them, so choosing WAS hard!!

    Crabby Shirt: Carter's, about two months ago... Might still be there!

    Valerie- LOVE the nursery thing, but he is touchy some weeks. So we're getting there. :)

    And yes, Mel and Danielle, he IS signing "more"! :) He wasn't asking for anything specific... I just use requests for words from him as a focus tactic for photos. "Noah, can you say 'woof woof'? Noah, can you say 'more'?", etc. etc...

  21. My guess would've been 3 or 7! I LOVE both of them. And I adore how you can see your reflection in his eyes...those glassy eyes are so adorable! Cute shirt


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