Some Mama Time: Jenna’s Mother’s Day Shoot {St. Louis Family Photographer}

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The day before Mother’s Day, I had a really fun shoot scheduled with Jenna and her mom—a gift Jenna set up for her mom for Mother’s Day. The plan? Some portraits, some playing around, a few vintage hats and teacups, some “girl time” in the city, and a whole lotta mama-daughter love.

First up, some posed shots. You'd think with these photos all being in one static spot that it'd be easy to pick just one favorite... But often, these parts of a session are my toughest ones to sort. I am just so much about a person's EXPRESSIONS and catching the subtle facets of a personality that I really struggle to narrow down the finalists. In the case of these amazing women, they ROCKED this segment. And I adored every single shot...So I had to include ton of my favorites here:

{that first one is an homage to THIS famous portrait... Jenna's idea!}

Don't you love that they let me put my hats on them... and even goofed around for me? I think those are nearly ALWAYS my favorite photos I take-- ones that look beautiful, but with just a touch of whimsy or spark.

After the posed part of the session, we walked around my darling neighborhood and had some fun just catching the moments between the two.}

{this next shot was completely Mom's idea... And at first I wasn't sure if I could make it work... The first reason being we didn't have a big mirror. But then one of the shops we walked into had this beautiful mirror and we gave it a go, and VOILA---}
Aren’t these two women beautiful? I am so blessed to have met them through my sister Beckie. They are the real deal—hearts as big as the ocean, smart cookies, and gorgeous in front of a camera.

Thank you, Jenna, for such a fun shoot idea, and for letting me play as much as I wanted to. You are lovely!


  1. Holy cow! That mirror shot? Ah-mazing! Love the first one too. I'm totally digging your style, how were we not internet friends before now?!

  2. How fun!!

    I *LOVE* that mirror shot!!!

  3. Every time I see the mirror shot, I get chills. Still.

  4. :) Beth11:35 PM

    Wow! I did NOT expect to get all teary at these wonderful pictures, but the mother-daughter love caught me off guard!

    The mirror shot is uber-cool. But the one that got me is the one of Jenna lying on the pillow with her mom over her. I'll bet every mama of grown children, at one time or another, longs for a return to the days of tucking little heads in at night.

    So great to see that special bond captured just right.

  5. These are all great -- and SO natural. You captured their personalities so perfectly.

  6. Wonderful! I wish I had photos of myself with my mother. What a treasure.

  7. Ok, so I'm totally wondering WHY the heck no one has posted on this post yet! Normally, when I get to comment I'm number 35 or something crazy like that!!! Anyway, LOVe the mirror shot! SO fun, creative, and A-MA-ZING, darlin!!! So creative (although I guess you have the mom to thank for giving you the opportunity...and the store owner for the mirror being placed so perfectly...and I love the look of it, too...SO PERFECT). You are just getting WAAAAYYYY too good of a photographer! It's should have your own magazine or something...that would be cool, wouldn't it! And yes, you can come and play the Wii anytime you want! I'm getting better these days...and totally addicted to it!

  8. LOVE that Mirror shot!!! WOW!!!

  9. Wonderful shots- I, too, love the mirror shot- very ingenious and impressively executed.

    What a great way to celebrate the joy of mothers and daughters!


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