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Friday, June 5, 2009

I read Pioneer Woman's blog. LOVE her. Love her photography blog as well... If you are at ALL interested in photography, this photography section is chock full of tutorials, ideas, information, and free goodies. You must become a reader!
The other week, one of her guest posters wrote about getting IN the photos with your kiddos. She had such a way with words... Like this:

"So here’s the deal…
1. In five years you will look five years older….you WILL look young in the pictures you take today!
2. Ten years ago I thought I was fat. Oh my goodness….I should have taken pictures THEN.
3. Your children look at you all day long. THEY know what you look like. They won’t care how you look in the picture.
I really don’t like how I look in pictures. It pains me. I still want to look like I did when I was 25 years old. And really I’m shocked that I don’t.
But seriously. My children love me just the way I am. Chins and all.
Consider this your call to action!
You can do it. I know you can. If I can, you can!
Let your light shine. You will never regret it!"
Oh, the whole post is incredible though, so go read it in its entirety.
The point is.... I think of this post often. Thought about it again yesterday when I decided to play with the self-timer and see if I could make it a game with Noah.
He was TOTALLY into it. I would set the camera, attempt focus (without being able to look in the viewfinder because of the way I had the camera perched on my dresser... yikes!), and push the button. I'd then run run run over to the bed with a silly laugh and expression and Noah would watch me and laaaaaaaugh! I'd grab him, then remind him that there was a cool flashing, beeping light and to look at it. And we'd both look over just in time to grab a shot, which 3 times out of 5 was terribly out of focus or off-frame. But. He loved the game so much that when we'd get done with a shot, I'd ask if he wanted to do it again, and he'd look at me and say, "'Gain?" And.... of course I complied! I loved it! My kid, the photo-jaded model... asking for MORE? We had so much fun.
I love the message in the earlier quote that our children love us just the way we are. Clearly, Noah didn't care if we were in focus or looking foxy or anything. He just enjoyed the fun of the moment.
So go.... get in a photo with your kiddo. Perfection is not expected. In fact, this last shot is my favorite, shot from the whole thing...Shot from above us as we lay on the bed. And cropped eye/chin/intent expressions and all... well... I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. First One!!!

    I love these pictures. I'm so far behind on PW. What a great message.

  2. I read this post as well. I'm a die hard PW follower. She makes me want to be a mom that just goes with the flow. Which I'm totally not. Your pictures of the "Assignment" as really cute. I love the background, so homey. I'm sure you'll look back at the photos on day and be completely glad you did it.

  3. You are beautiful. I love the photos!! Especially the last one!

    Also, I see my friendship ball in one of your photos! YAH! I couldn't exactly say "I see my ball", so I had to elaborate! :)

  4. I love all these pictures Emily! They are beautiful! I am always the "picture-taker" whenever we go any where or do anything. So, sometimes, I hand the camera over to Nate and say, "Please take some with me in it, so we'll know I was here too." :)

    I think these are precious pictures of precious moments. I LOVE the last picture too. Noah's eyes are almost identical to yours. Beautiful!

  5. Oh my, you guys look alike in that first picture, your smile and I'm not sure quite what it is. And that last one, your eyes. And I love the simplify, that's perfect. Excellent memories.

  6. that last one is my favorite too. You are gorgeous, Noah is so handsome (he's looking so BLOND !) and that is the perfect SAHM moment. I love it.

  7. Wonderful!
    I am missing all of you something terrible... 2 more weeks...
    It is way past time to see the real people I love in these beautiful photos!
    Thanks for posting them

  8. I love Pioneer Woman! I haven't ventured past her recipes, so this was a fun wake up call. I think her cooking is fabulosity defined (to steal a term from Kimora Lee). I tried her absolute favorite salad ever and loved it so much that I'm thinking about using it for a shower that I'm throwing. Love me some Pioneer Woman! Also love the call to take more pictures and not really spend as much time worrying about how we look--it really is true that our kids don't care!

  9. :) Beth10:50 PM

    Oh that last one is just sublime. Almost had to look away it's so, I don't know - personal? real? true?

    Love that he looks so much like his mama. What was the song - Heart? Where she sings about the guy seeing his own eyes looking back at him and it was his son? Well, those are your eyes there lady, in the body of one very smart little man.

    The words you quoted are so true. I think I was twelve before I realized that my mother was not the most beautiful woman in the world. Prior to that, beauty in my eyes had been judged with her as the yardstick. So to my three rascals, I am a rock star - the most beautiful woman ever, the best singer, the smartest storyteller, the bomb, in a nutshell. I'd better relish it while it lasts. Glad to see you are too!

  10. i love that last one too!

  11. Wise words from the pioneer woman. I say the same thing about swim suits. I tried to not let my vanity keep me from taking my kids to the pool to have fun. My mom didn't and I have such great memories of going to swimming with my sister at least once a week.


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