Quick Tag From Tamara!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The directions, according to my sister-in-law Tamara:
"Here's what you have to do: Look in your pictures folder, and open up the fifth folder. In the fifth folder, you have to upload the fifth picture. (Why so many #5s???? Because what I say goes! HA!) It's really that simple. Then, underneath it, explain the pic and pass it on. And who am I to judge....really, even if you're NOT can still do it, just b/c you can...just b/c I LOVE you!"

Nicely put, smart-alek Tamara! Ha-ha! Okay, I'll bite. Why not?

So.... I go to "My Pictures". And bypass folders "Borders Frames", "Classic Photos", "Storyboards", and "2004-2005"... To get to the folder "2006". Done.

Now, I get another group of folders... So I bypass "March-April", "April-May", "May", and "Europe" (sad! That would have been a cool one!) and get "Summer". Okay.

Here's where it gets tricky. Because I still have a few folders within this folder. But only a few. So do I count those three folders as part of my "five count"? If so, here is what you get:

{INFO: This is a random shot of some of the gifts we bought out family when Joe and I went to Europe. Clockwise from apron: ceramic salad tossers and a personalized embroidered apron for my sister Julina from Florence, the Quidditch and Olivia books are in German from, well, GERMANY, for my sister Beckie, the fake Prada bag was from Rome, also for Beckie, Venetian glass fountain pen and Venetian stationary from uh, VENICE, for Elise, and the tapestry hanging is of Venice, from Venice, for Elise. There were other gifts, in other shots, but this is the one you get. The End.}

Or--- do I skip past the folders and go to the fifth actual photo? If so, here is the winner:

{INFO: This was taken by my mom, on my birthday, 2006. I am 29. I am a bit skinnier. *sigh* My hair looks GREAT, don't you think?? Heh-heh... We are in front of our Mason Lodge, and are headed to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for a birthday outing-- a stroll and some lunch. The dress-over-jeans was a birthday gift. The lil' purse was a gift from my mother-in0law for our Europe trip. It held passport/money/small camera VERY well. The end.}

So which pick?
Meh. I am happy with either choice.

But I WOULD like to point out something. These are from summer 2006. And I got my beautiful new DSLR (Canon 20D) camera in November 2006.

Can't you just TELL the difference from these shots to my usual ones these days??? The drabness, the soft, non-sharpness...Yikes!

Run, all of you, and go buy a Canon Rebel or something! It's only $500 (yeah, ONLY... ha!), and the change in your photo quality will be SO worth it!!!

But, just for fun, let's see what five minutes of Photoshop can do for that dingy, so-so photo of us above:

Hmm. Well-- so there ya go. Even with a point-and-shoot, you can always make improvements.

Anyhoo.... that "fast tag" became more of a time drain than I originally planned. Story of my ineffecient life!


No worries... It's grey and raining anyway... what else would I do with my time?

Okay. I tag...... Whoever wants to do it. 5th folder, 5th photo. On your mark..... get set....



  1. oh. now i'm remembering when you came and saw us in germany. that was a fun day for me.

  2. I think you looked great in BOTH pics. What a fun post!

  3. You guys look great in that photo. Not that you don't now, but ya know. i say the Olivia book, and i have to say that my daughter LOVES Olivia. Fun tag, I need to try it.

  4. Very cool. You guys do look so young and in love. {smiles}

    And you inspired's mine:

  5. Oh! I wanna try...lets see if I remember.... :)


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