Who Loves Happy Mail??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ooooh, Me! Me! *raising hand excitedly*

And today did NOT disappoint!!! Truly!! Must be the upcoming holiday or something, 'cause above, you see two care packages from dear friends, what I can only assume to be FLOWERS from who I can only assume is my mother-in-law, and a few cards from friends and my mom.

So exciting!!

And in praise of happy mail and dear friends, I think I will dedicate the next seven days or so to posting photos of recent happy mail I've gotten, adored, and never posted about. I have the Valentine's Swap stuff to share with you, my Christmas Swap treats, various other fun boxes of love.... And since Valentine's Day is about love, it will be my way to pay tribute to the incredible people in my life who think to send a box of smiles in the mail to little ol' me.

I am abundantly blessed.


  1. Congrats on the fun mail! I do love little surprises like that. Since you're the felt-queen (felt- the fabric), could I get your advice, on Sunday, about a little venture I'm pursuing that involves felt and sewing?

  2. YAY!! I love happy mail! And I'm so glad my contribution to that pile made it in such a timely manner. Hooray for the holiday of love!

  3. Awesome! and get ready for another one because I have one for you. I just need to get it in the mail.

  4. what FUN are one girl who is SO VERY loved!!! :)

  5. Another one incoming!! :)


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