My Valentine's Swap Gift

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Remember the Valentine Swap I participated in? I received my treats on Monday, handmade and HAND DELIVERED by my dear November Mama friend, Beth. I came home Monday afternoon after a walk with Noah to mail MY swap gift, to find this box on my doorstep!

Beth had DRIVEN it OVER! (She lives about 45 minutes away from me, so it was no small errand!)

Don't mind the crushed appearance of the box--- I had to give Noah a ride back up to our apartment atop it! Ha!

And inside:

And, oh--- what came next???

Seriously? a FULL, gorgeous, HOMEMADE cheesecake for ME??!

Um, yes! Turns out, Beth is an EXPERT cheesecake maker. She even made a dozen of them for her own wedding reception. Truly, after just one bite, I was converted. Give me a Beth cheesecake over Cheesecake factory ANY day.

{White chocolate cheesecake with a raspberry swirl, a brownie crust (!!), and fresh raspberries and glaze and white chocolate melted drizzle on top. HOLY COW.}

And the gifties:

A bouquet of roses that are actually pens... with fortunes attached! Cute!

A gorgeous digi-scrapped recipe card for a molten chocolate cake I will be making someday soon...

And a tin FILLED with personalized glass-topped magnets... With photos of Joe, Noah and I... pictures of cupcakes, sock monkeys.... Could they BE any more perfect???

(to read Beth's tutorial on these magnets, click HERE. She is so good!)

What a TREAT. Thank you so very much Beth... I felt so loved and honored to get you as my swap giver. Joe and Noah get a kick out the magnets, too, and we have ALL died a little eating your cheesecake!

Here's hoping all of you got a little giftie or sugary love today.... It's good for the soul!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Oh my goodness, where can I get me a Beth? Happy V-Day to you huh? How fun is all of that. I am going to be making me some magnets. Let me know if you want to make a day of it.

  2. I think it is fun that you all did the swap. I would love to be included next time, I am a Nov. Mommy too. :) Anyway, I am glad you have discovered is one of my favorites! :)

  3. i cannot wait until the next swap! i agree that beth did an AWESOME job on ALL the gifts-the magnets, the pens, the cheesecake!

  4. Thanks Em! I so appreciate the nice tribute. I had a great time making everything for you. As soon as I started planning it, it all fell together and was so easy.

    I'm also glad you enjoyed the cheesecake. Making one for you got me stared thinking of others. I haven't made one in awhile, and realised how much I miss it. Guess I'll have to find others to eat it though... otherwise there will be no diet!!!!

    Again, thanks. I appreciate it greatly and I'm so glad you liked everything!


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