Happy Mail: My Contribution

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In addition to receiving lots o' love in the mail, I did my fair share of making fun stuff to SEND....
Here, a bunch of random stuff I was able to finish and get in the mail this February:

First off, our Valentine's Cards/late Christmas cards:

{our family photos taken by the lovely Jodie!}

Now, I must throw in a disclaimer-- to any of you who are thinking, "Hey! I didn't get one of those!! What the hey??" I must explain my streamlined system this year. With true apologies, I honestly just sent one of these to whoever sent us a Christmas card. It was the simplest way. I kept all the envelopes from Christmas in one stack, addressed OUR envelopes using those envelopes, and VOILA-- that was our SEND list. So, siblings, cousins, best friends-- those of you who you KNOW we love, that didn't get one of these--- truly I apologize! And it is NOT a ploy to get more Christmas cards from you guys next year. We'd be thrilled to get NONE, because, well-- then we'd be off the hook! LOL! Just gaze upon these photo likenesses of our card and consider yourselves GIFTED. Love you!

(OOh boy. I am now worried I might have opened a few cans of worms there. I really don't like drama. I really didn't want to cause any. You guys KNOW I love you, right?)

Changing topics: Sock Monkeys!

This little fella was commissioned. A friend asked me to make it for another friend for a little compensation, and I was thrilled at the prospect of making more monkeys. I'm kinda addicted to making these critters! the girl receiving this guy loves the color blue so I factored that into it... but being for a Valentine's gift, I had to make it fit, so he got a lil' red heart! He also has my initials on his bum, but I didn't do a very good job at it, so the owner might just think it is a mess o' red thread stuck to his bottom. Ha ha!

And this little fella was a gift to a new baby of one of my dad's co-workers and a sweet, super nice lurking blog reader of mine... This lil monkey is angora (yum!) and has jingle bells in his belly so if his baby wants to give him a shake shake, he's get a tinkling sweet sound!

(Love that he is sitting on my collection of vintage books from my mom's childhood-- Bobbsey Twins, anyone? Trixie Belden?)

and lastly, after receiving a WHOLE cheesecake and gorgeous magnets for MY swap gift, my little giftie pales in comparison.... But here it is, anyway:

* A hand-embroidered apron with rick rack and polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon (idea adopted from the fabulous Emily of Little Mama and Co.
* A handmade card
* yummy Oreo Truffles
* chocolate covered fortune cookies (love the brand name??)
* the recipe for the truffles

....And there ya go.... some of the happy mail I got to send out this month!

Off I go, now... I have a few more sock monkeys in the works, and they are calling to me after posting those photos!! :)


  1. What a clever idea to put a jingle bell in the monkey!! Lots of brains up there! :) I love seeing all the gifties in all their glory!

  2. I keep meaning to ping you with an "Eeee! How stinking CUTE is that card!" lovely to get one, and though you and Joe look fantastic, little Noah with his theatrically-serious face is what really kills me. It's like you told him to act serious for this one, and he was all "Ok, I can do that." [note to self: furrow brows, that'll get 'em!]

    That angora monkey looks divine!!

  3. Yay for Valentine's Day! Cute cards and adorable gift as usual. you're so crafy! I especially love the little monkey for the baby. So cute!!!

  4. Actually, totally not a mess of red thread, I loved that your initials were on the bum of the monkey. :) You did an awesome job!

  5. Those cards are SOOO cute! We never managed to get our Christmas cards out either....oops! :)

    I would LOVE a sock monkey- I have been wanting one for my boogers for a while! :)

    It would be wonderful if you would email me ( and maybe we could work something out. I have just been in love with them!

  6. As always, Emily, your entries make the little "if only" in me smile!


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