When You're Feelin' Gloomy:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ugh. another February day. Grey. Blustery. Cold. Yuck.

I'm reaching that "end-of-winter CRAZINESS" time where I am SO. DONE. WITH. IT. And it is easy to be grumpy. Gloomy. Touchy. Trapped indoors, stuck doing the same routines, feeling uninspired. And tired. And UGH.

And I bet a few of you are feeling it, too.

Well, I have a short-term fix. When everything is grey and BLAH, what else but a fresh, newborn little baby could make you forget your chilly toes and your selfish wants for a moment?

Here, for a quick winter cure, two sweet, handsome, incredible baby boys I got to photograph a couple of weeks ago.

How can anyone stay gloomy for long, when looking at these?

Newborn Noah:

Newborn Max:

Feelin' better? Yeah, so am I.

We can make it a few more weeks.... right??

(Please, daffodils and sunshine and green tips and leaf buds and robins and bunnies-- please hurry!)


  1. Cheer up, Em! Spring is almost here. Almost...


  2. Can't. Stand. The. Squishy. Baby-ness. Too. Cute.

    It did cheer me up though like a ray of sunshine.

  3. LOVE the first one! Perfection!

  4. You always floor me with your use of texture to highlight the creamy smoothness of that baby skin. LOVE it. (And our daffodils and crocuses are already a couple inches high! - Spring is coming!) Get thee some cut tulips, quick!

  5. I love that the boys' names are Noah & Max. That made me smile. As did those gorgeous photos. Thank you.

  6. I truly wish I could actually see the photos you post when I check your blog at work. For whatever reason, the IPS blocker won't let the photos download. So I can't enjoy such pick-me-ups when I usually need them most...
    However, it DOES give me something to look forward to when I get home. So. When I actually see the pictures of these apparently adorable baby boys, I will probably comment again on how brilliant a photographer you are.


  7. Oh, that definitely makes me feel better about being so dang cold and miserable with the weather too.
    Don't you want to come to the mountains in August and take pictures of MY newborn? Oh, PALEASE????

  8. Those pictures are too much! How sweet are those babies. Oh my. They make my arms ache for a new one.

  9. Oh Emily!! Those are pictures are just beautiful!

  10. Oh my goodness. The precious little babies. I could look at those pictures forever.

  11. YOU are adorable. Those pictures are so sweet. I know how you feel, too. It seems like spring is so far away! I loved your closing thought, and I want to know where Megan lives I can find out how to get spring earlier in my life, too!


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