New Photo Session Posted:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

{Janae and Aaron's engagement photos: Forest Park, St. Louis}

Click HERE to see more on my photography site...


**a more personal post is coming tomorrow... Promise!! I'm not just about shameless self-promotion!...Okay, okay... I kinda am. Blah!**


  1. I love your photos. You've got a great feel. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's fun when worlds collide.

  2. To be honest, shameless self-promotion could = some extra cash in your pocket. When you stop teaching, are you planning on doing anything professional (translation: paid) with photography? Cause you cold make some nice dollars with it- you've got the talent. ANd maybe you could sell cupcakes too. Make a Cupcakery out of your own home (twice the cupcakeries means twice the cupcakes when we come to visit :)

  3. or you could sell cupcakes with every booking?

    as usual, great job!! :)

  4. it's YOUR blog...shameless self-promotion is the name of the game! :)

  5. True THAT!....cupcakes and photos...that's what you're good at. I wouldn't worry so much about what to do after teaching is over. You are so extrememly talented, and Noah is so lucky to have you. Of course, could we be selfish and request that you come to CoMo so we could see our nephew more often...p...p...p-lease?


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