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Saturday, July 26, 2008

**My online friend Mandalynn wrote this on her blog the other day, and it made my heart sing. I asked her if I could share it with all of you, and she gave me her blessing. I hope it makes you smile as much as it did me.**

Parenthood is a great excuse to...

eat sugary cereals.
go to the park.
watch Saturday morning cartoons.
chase down the ice cream truck.
lay in the grass and watch the clouds roll by.
go to the library for storytime.
catch fireflies.
buy sidewalk chalk.
bake cookies.
cut sandwiches into fun shapes.
sit in a kiddie pool on a hot summer day. visit the children's museum.
watch all of those Disney movies you love.
have a picnic.
make something out of popsicle sticks.
laugh out loud for no reason at all.
take a walk.
run through sprinklers.
visit the zoo.
get down on all fours and act like a cow.
play dress-up.
build a giant block tower.

~ Mandalynn, mom to two lovely girls

(Thanks, M... for reminding me of the things that truly bring joy. You inspire me.)


  1. Oh, noah's toes.

    NOAH'S TOES!!!

    How I love to squish 'em!

    (Not in a dangerous way, tho.)

  2. Hmmmm...I do lots of those things and I don't have kids! :)

  3. I can't wait until you let Noah grow his hair out to Full House twins length and he can start doing his best George Washington or the Lambson family favorite, the Scarlet Pimpernel.

    Uncle Jesse would approve.

  4. What a lovely list. What adorable photos. Since I'm not a parent, I will use the excuse of being an aunt to do those things. (Of course, it might help if I had Noah with me so I don't get weird looks...)

    Thanks for sharing, Em- and thanks again for Miss Saigon- despite the few "kinks", it was a fantabulous night. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and Joe.

  5. Oh I'm so happy you are really getting back to that happy place. I know school was a little stressful. I can tell you are madly in love with motherhood. I just wanted to drop you a note, tell you I'm still reading even if I don't always have the time to write. And always keeping you in my thoughts. Much Love, J

  6. Anonymous11:58 PM

    em, thanks for the chat yesterday. looks like noah had a great time in the pool!


  7. Looks like he had a great time in the pool!

  8. What a wonderful and JOYOUS smile Noah has! I love seeing it!

  9. SO cute, I love being a mommy.

  10. Oh, that list is so true. . . not that i needed an excuse for some of those things. ..

    Noah is officially adorable. & that pool is awesome!! I must get one.


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