Getting Back To Myself a Bit...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Throughout this whirlwind spring and half of summer, I've felt very spread thin... working full-time throughout March, April and May, talking a huge trip in June then coming straight back to teach summer school. The house has gotten quite messy and disordered, my "chi" has all but disappeared, no creative mojo to speak of, and I was burdened by an overall sense of grinding, alleviated stress.

And I'd begun missing ME.

The month of July has seen a slow but steady progression back. Back to who I feel I am, back to a place where I can really work on who I want to be, just BACK to ME.

And I cannot tell you how healing this is.

Just this weekend, I did the following:

* Last night I began cutting out fabric for a cute apron I'd bought the pattern for a few months ago. I am bound and DETERMINED to figure out how to sew this non-pillow project. No more simple straight lines, folks. I'm attempting CLOTHING(ish).

* This morning I decorated the cupcakes I baked last night for our church potluck. Coconut white cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

* And this afternoon, I took Noah outside for a little fresh (scalding, hot, humid, sticky, oppressive, horrible) air and remembered to bring the camera along to capture a few posed shots.

{dang, he's CUTE. And the overall thing? Not planned. Seriously. I just knew how hot it would be outside, so I took his onsie off to keep him cool. And only THEN did it occur to me that this might make a cute photo. Which it did. }

...and a few candids. (Here, we're sitting on the front steps of our neighbor church, watching cars go by. Noah is sucking his mesh teether with ice cubes in it. Nice way to stay cool in the horrible 99-degree heat...)

{random observation--I think Noah has my eyebrows. I'm the highlighted one in the old photo. Can you see it? Or is it just me?}

{another random observation-- here, I think Noah looks like a grumpy old man, angry at you for getting on his lawn. See him shaking his fist??}

Anyway, I suppose to many of you, this all just seems like "a day in the life of emily".... But honestly-- for the last four months or so, this was all so far away. Emotionally, mentally... creatively... I just didn't have anything left to be able to fulfill this side of me.

So to look back on my weekend with peace and satisfaction is a big deal to me. I feel like everything's going to be okay again. I feel like some kind of "life balance" is within my reach. And I am deeply grateful.

Happy new week to you all!


  1. How cute are those pictures. I always love your photos. I should have you take some for me. He does look like a little old man, but that is what makes it so darn adorable. I am also bummed that I missed out on the yummy cupcakes. Thanks for letting me play the piano. It has been 8 months since I have sat down at one of those things. I didn't think I would be so rusty.

  2. You know that thing you did where you put Noah on a scale (online, not REALLY) between you and Joe and it said who Noah looked like more? You should do it with the one of you posted. Because TOTALLY, re. the eyebrows.

    If the overalls weren't so chic with their wide-wale taupe-brown corduroy, you could have put a piece of straw in his mouth and you'd have a little farm kid!

    I wish we didn't have to sleep. I just want to stay up all night doing stuff.

    wuv you!

  3. so glad you're getting back to yourself... it's an amazing feeling isn't it?

  4. I can definitely see that he resembles you! Those cupcakes make it really hard to concentrate on my diet. ;-) Glad to hear you're starting to feel more like yourself!

  5. Glad to hear the good news, and glad you are back to being YOU again. No more stressful school days, congrats, Em!!

    Can't wait to see you and the little one tonight!

  6. Oh my goodness so adorable!!

    And, I love the print/pattern for the apron. You are already so talented at sewing -- and not only in straight lines. In fact, I think you should market those personalized animal blankets!! You could make lots o money with those!!

  7. welcome back to YOU...although, i'm sure many people never even knew that YOU were gone. btw, adorble pics of noah. i love the 'get off my lawn, you meddling kids' picture! priceless!

  8. I'm singing the "Welcome Back, Kotter" song in my head. And I love those pictures. That boy is happy to be alive. It's delightful to see you capture it on film.

  9. Happy days! So glad to hear that you are finding/making time to find your self again. You are such a bright light - but those need time to shine!

  10. You seem like you'd be fun to hang out with.

    Also, Noah TOTALLY looks like you! Not just the eyebrow, but the eye he uses to make his facial expression with first is the same one you're using in your baby photo. (You guys squint your left eyes first in the expressions you make in these photos, is what I'm sayin'.)

    Glad you're feeling more like you.

  11. Those were your cupcakes? I think Avery ate like 4 of them because they were pink and delicious!

  12. Em, I can't tell you how muc these posts make my day. I love getting to see pictures of Noah! He is gettig SO BIG and I can't believe it. I know that I didn't visit much while I was in Columbia. But I miss that fact that I COULD visit. Now I'm so far away and I can't just say, "hm, I want to go see my sister and nephew). Sigh. Oh well. Noah does have your eyebrows and that makes me laugh. I'm glad that you are starting to get back into yourself again. Love you lots!

  13. Funny - I've been feeling just the opposite the last few days - as work has begun pulling me back in. Sigh. Do I really have to go?

    But the photos of Noah make me feel better. Thank you for that. And thanks for your encouragement.

    Love you-

  14. I love the coveralls and the grumpy old man! I'm glad your Chi has been restored.

  15. I just *LOVE* your pics!! and i'm so jealous of your kitchen light. oh, and the overalls...i nearly forgot about those!! i'm gonna have to get some for drew...yet another 'to do' on my list, lol.

    be sure to indulge in favorite things and i'm glad you're starting to get back to normal again...same's truly amazing how *very* little it takes to mess with your equilibrium...ya know?


  16. Your post made me happy for you and that your getting back to YOU. So nice to breath and feel like you can and that you can for the next long while! Noah is darling and I think he has your eyebrows too.

  17. He's so cute Emily! And now I want a cupcake.

  18. Emily-- you are right! WE should be best friends-- polka dot aprons, cherry limeaids, the same first name, both dark hair lassies-- what, did I find my twin?!

  19. I have a cute baby Noah too!

    I am totally going to steal the overalls idea. It's sweltering here as well.

    I linked to your blog and will definitely keep reading!

    (rachael3311 on BBC)

  20. Darling pics of Noah- funny how a random back alley can be such a picturesque backdrop- of course, it helps that the subject is so smilingly adorable!

    (p.s. If you have any tips on how to re-find yourself, let me know- I could use a little of that, especially when I get back to IN)

  21. That Noah is super-cute and I love his 'old man' picture! Grace seriously loved your cupcakes that day. Glad you are finding more of 'you', sometimes I have to look for myself (lately I've been hiding under stacks of laundry!)


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