Me, Today:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

* woke this morning at 6:00 am, hit "snooze" twice, and then finally left for work at 6:45 a.m.

* worked at summer school from 7:15-12:45. Graded papers, barked at noisy kids, took away "journal time" for my first group, but still made it worth points, surfed BBC in between disciplining kids...

*drove home quickly so I could let Joe sleep off his night shift

*TOO quickly, it turns out. I got a bleepin' speeding ticket. *sigh* I'm an idiot.

* Came home, played with Noah, fed him, and put him down for his afternoon nap... and then I napped too. 2:30-4!! Lovely!

* Packed Noah and my reusable grocery bags into the car after our naps and took him grocery shopping. He was marvelous and it was successful, despite the end of the checkout kink where the computers were down and couldn't take my debit card. 25 minutes later, I left the groceries, took the kid, and went to an ATM to get cash so I could go back and get my groceries. Weird. But it took care of the problem.

*Home to feed Noah dinner and give him a bath... where he proceeded to be SUPER cute and charming and downright adorable. *happy sigh*

*bedtime for Noah while Joe headed off to another night shift...

*took above photos, just to keep it real. That is ME, all me, today-- brassy highlights I'd like changed, faded makeup from the early morning get-ready, my favorite necklace-a thrift store treasure, looking leaner than I feel because I try to ALWAYS shoot my own photo from above. "Skinnies" the face, ya know. Hey-- it makes me feel okay enough about photos to post these!

*for the rest of the evening, I have wedding photos to edit and a wedding book to make, and then some groceries to put away and baby laundry to do...

* my lovely nap will get me to the end of this day, and we'll start again tomorrow.


**p.s. happy birthday, Elise... Glad I caught you earlier today!!**


  1. sounds like a thoroughly productive day... glad you got some good, happy moments in there, too.

    thanks for calling earlier- i really enjoyed talking to you. i can hardly wait to see you when i come to MO for a couple of weeks (and i am so excited for Miss Saigon!!!)

    it has been a good birthday.

  2. Oh're adorable!

    Sorry to hear about the speeding ticket...that stinks!!

  3. Here is where we're different.

    *I* would have let the speeding ticket ruin my entire day.

    I love that you listed it just as another thing that happened. Because it's just SOMETHING that HAPPENS. To all of us! Sure, it sucks...but it's spilled milk.

    (Oh, and THEN I would have said "And the day was *double-ruined* because the store's computers wouldn't take my debit card." Sigh. I know you often think differently, but you're one of the most positive people I've met. I'm a better person for knowing you.)

    P.S. I like the bullet-pointed day! It's sorta like my habitual entries.

  4. That's a bummer about the speeding ticket. The photo info is cool. I'll have to remember that.

  5. Stinks about the speeding ticket.

  6. Why do the nice people always get the tickets? Yesterday I got flipped off by a man because I was going the speed limit. It was on a three-lane highway with hardly any traffic and we were getting stopped at red lights anyway. Right then we were driving around a bend that has robo-cop patroling about 75% of the time and I was PRAYING he was there. No such luck. Sorry to hear you got caught--bummer.

  7. That sounds like a terribly LONG day (a lot like mine these dayS), and summer school just makes it THAT much worse! I'm glad you all only have to go 1/2 a day, cuz I go from 7-3, and it just SUCKS!!!! I'm glad that we all get to start over again the next's such a blessing! And don't's almost over. Keep up the good work, you are producing such a great young leader, and it will be so worth it one day when he realizes all you've done for him!

  8. Good for you, having such a positive outlook! Isn't it funny how a happy baby can make the whole day better?!

  9. Love the pictures - how you still look after that long day is beyond me. And a nap can only carry you so far! That necklace is fabulous!


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