Super Felt Finger Puppets: Nicole's Amazing Gift

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh my goodness, look what came in our mail the other day!?


Seriously. Yes. This really happened.

Handmade felt finger puppets featuring Noah's FAVORITE fellows-- the Marvel SuperCrew, most of them Avengers (Spidey making a rare appearance).... Meticulously stitched by our dear friend Nicole, the amazing crafter who made the felt jungle last year.

I am seriously in awe of the detailing on these!


And then, as if that wasn't enough, she included a handmade stack of Memory cards, same theme.

Boy, you can imagine the big smiles 'round this house that day. And I'm talking about Joe. (Ha!) Seriously, when I married a comic book superhero fanboy, I used to smile and nod and glaze over when he'd debate the merits of DC versus Marvel, the origin story of Wolverine... the superpower matchup of this guy versus that guy....

But then Noah got interested. 

And I accidentally got interested, too. 

So now, well... we're a whole family of comic book superhero fangeeks now. 

And Marvel is WAY better than DC. 


Thank you, Nicole. This was utterly amazing and so much fun to receive! 


  1. Those are SPECTACULAR!! It's absolutely wonderful to have a friend who can, and wants to, make those type of thoughtful gifts! YAY! I hope your whole family loves them for a long time! :)

  2. Oh my word! Those are adorable!!! My boys would love the puppets and memory cards! :) Any chance she wants to make some and sell???

  3. Holy cow, those are awesome! You are one lucky family! :)

    (And even though I'm not nearly as knowledgeable a fangeek as any of you- I'm sure even Noah surpasses my knowledge of the comic book genre- but can you at least acknowledge the greatness of Batman and Superman? I don't know if DC came out with anything better than those, which is why I can get behind the idea that Marvel is better- but you have to admit that Batman and Superman are pretty awesome in their own right, right? ;)

  4. I agree. Marvel IS way better than DC. Have always thought so :) (My dad has the ENTIRE x-men comic collection, by the way! Yum).

    Those are the CUTEST finger puppets


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