Wednesday, May 9, 2012

11:56pm... I meant to close up shop and go to bed at 11:30, but for some reason I am restless... Feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, actually, though for no specific reason. Things are going pretty well, truth be told:
- I feel like I'm getting the amount of photography work I can handle
- the kids are in a good daily routine and are so happy and healthy
- we feel pretty even with financial stress (rare, and lovely)
- our lawn got mowed today, and the house got cleaned last Friday
- Joe and I get a date-night in two days
- I got quite a bit of editing done tonight
- I created and ordered some long-overdue business materials yesterday

But then there's the list of UNdone things that creep at the edges of my thoughts-
- Still need to unpack from camping
- Oh, and upload the photos from camping, maybe edit a few to blog?
- gotta move that post-camping laundry though and get it done
- my sewing area has been a wreck for weeks now, since making all those capes... I really need to get it back in shape!
- I have long-overdue gifts I need to sew back there.
- I have GOT to start eating better and getting back to walking. Maybe that's why my mood is slumping.
- Oh, the preschool photos! ACK!
- I never got photos of my kids in their Easter clothes. Maybe I can do something quick with that?! too late?
- I have client books to make!!
- Emails! I'm behind since the camping trip. I'll use tomorrow's preschool time for that. 
- Preschool is almost done for the whole summer! When will I EVER have time to catch up when that happens?
- Should I cut all my hair off? 
- Will I ever catch up on my personal photos?
- Why am I so tired ALL THE TIME right now?
- What should I be changing right now?

See? Restless. 

Little creeping thoughts of discontent and listlessness and frustration... Hopefully only a few days' worth, something I can get through and back to the regular business of living and thriving. *shrug* 

I don't know. Not really sure what to do about it all. 

Kinda just want to nap for the next three days and not think about it.

Anyone have thoughts/insights on what to do when this state of mind threatens the balance of a pretty good little life? 

Okay... bed.


  1. Wish I knew so I could do it as well. I am in a working like mad but falling farther behind stage. Maybe I should get out of bed (it's 5:20) and just go to work. Or go take a walk to clear my head and get the blood pumping. Or something.

  2. I like the walking idea - work off some restless energy while also having time to think.

    I don't think it's too late for Easter photos.
    I think that your old strategy of sending the kids to someone else for a morning/day is a good strategy for the summer w/o daycare.
    I think hair is just hair, so that you can cut it all off or even shave it and it'll grow back (eventually)
    I think that if you're sleeping all right, and the "tired all the time" doesn't go away soon, you might want to get checked out medically.
    And that's my 2-bits.
    In any case, love you, sis :)

  3. My gentle observation is that the restlessness can easily turn into full-blown depression if you are not diligent. I agree with Julina that taking walks is important (and that is advice for both of us). It is not too late to take Easter pics, unless the kiddos have outgrown the outfits they wore that day. I vote that you cut your hair. It was way-cute when you had it shorter, plus with summer, there are built in benefits to having shorter hair. PLUS, a haircut could put a new bounce in your step and relieve some of the restlessness you are experiencing. Just know that I feel your restlessness too, and I love you and "this, too, shall pass."

  4. that restlessness is my life. i am ALWAYS tired. my house is never clean. i have a giant list of things to get done. when i exercise it makes me even more tired. i feel your pain. a month or so ago, i went and got a haircut, and it DID help. for that week anyway. so go do something that is just for you for a bit. it restores a small bit of sanity.

  5. I know it sounds silly, but changes in my diet/nutrition always make a difference in my mood. When I am eating garbage I feel like garbage. Course I've been tired for 5 years now....and there don't seem to be enough spinach smoothies in all the land to perk me up lately! ;-)


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