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Wednesday, May 2

Lucy Turns One: Her Photo Session

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And then we gave her a cake to smash: 

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She's off.... Ready to conquer her next year of life. 

Love you, LuLuBell. You are my sunshine. 

Birthday crown: made by me, inspired by the PropShopBoutique on Etsy.

Custom-Embroidered onesie/bloomers with matching tutu and hairbow: made by the fabulous Emelia's Mom's Boutique (Thanks, Hollie! LOVE them!)

Cream PettiRomper with straps: the ChubbyBaby shop on Etsy (Note: Emelia's Mom's Boutique sells a few colors in their shop without straps, a better price!)

Rolled flower headband: made by me

Party Hat: quickly thrown together by me

Cake: made by me, inspired by this cake tutorial (just a white cake mix, homemade buttercream)

Ruffle backdrop: made with a LOT of blood, sweat and tears by me. Never to be done again. Geez.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I am in love. They are SO pretty! She is beautiful, obviously. But the photos... on top of her beauty... AMAZING.

  2. Oh my Gosh these are the best 1 year old pictures I have ever seen! Love the mouth first in the cake and the fuchsia ruffle background!
    She will one day just love the one of her on the scale damn is that adorable!
    Must have been such a blast taking those and coming up with all the ideas for the shoot! JUST WONDERFUL SHE IS ADORABLE!!

  3. You are TOO MUCH!! I seriously can not say enough good things about this shoot. It is SOOOO ME!!!!! The ruffled backdrop is TO! DIE! FOR! It will make MANY a Mama happy when you take their little gals' pics in the future! That CAKE! So beautiful! That ROMPER!! (Can't believe it was let near that cake!) That GIRL!!! The pic of her in the romper belly-down looking up with those EYES....angelic, perfect, stunning. WOW. Well done. Your children are so beautiful, and you have such a gift for capturing their essences on camera! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

  4. Glad you could finally pull off the cake smash, with the ruffles and the cuteness and the rest of it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Holy WOW, what a backdrop! I was just thinking, where on EARTH did she get such an incredible backdrop?!? I hope you think the pictures are worth all the effort you put into making it, because I sure do!

    Such amazing photos of such an adorable little girl! LOVE those blue, blue eyes and that charming, newly toothy grin! Happy birthday to one of my favorite little girls in the world!

  6. There are not ANY words for how amazing this is. TRULY. I am in complete and total awe over every single photo. You did every.last.detail perfectly. PERFECTLY. The cake, the clothes, the backdrops, the baby!! ALL OF IT. Great job Em, because it's amazing and I want to marry every single bit of this! :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

  7. Oh my heavens! Love the backdrop. I wanna make one....and I don't even NEED one. Love the cake! Totally thought it was store bought. Am gonna check out the cake tutorial for sure. Love Lucy. Love the outfits. Love the headwear. Love the photography. Love all of it. LOVE. Love. love.

  8. Absolute PERFECTION!!! These photos and every detail that went into them are incredible! Such a treasure! Lucy is beautiful, and has so much personality! You can see it in her eyes! Great Job!!

  9. There is nothign left to say! Which is fortunate for me since I am SPEECHLESS!!!!! Incredible.

  10. I absolutely ADORE the lace and pearls pics! Lucy is a classic, timeless little angel...

    And your work is sheer genius! I have been saying that for years, but I truly believe it!

  11. WOW. Seriously. WOW. In awe. That is all.

  12. Shut. Up. Seriously. Shut up. These are absolutely, undeniably adorable. I am DYING...that ruffled outfit with the pearls...eeeeeeeeeee! And the ruffle backdrop with the pink chair...BEST EVER!

    What is makes it even more fab is that I made the SAME pink rose cake for MY Lucy's 3rd birthday...it had a different flavor inside, but the outside looked exactly the same. I love me some i am baker, don't you?!

    Kudos to you...this is ridiculously adorable, and something you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

  13. she is BEAUTIFUL!