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Friday, May 4, 2012

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Photos from Lucy's birthday weekend... She's in her onesie and pigtails from these photos, and is happy to be free from the tape and allowed to explore and show off her blossoming skills in crawling and pulling up. 


The first Friday in May.... How is it May already? Tomorrow is supposed to be the largest full moon of the year. Here's to a cloudless night so we can see it and enjoy how amazing it is! (and here's to none of the full moon shenanigans life seems to play on us.... flat tires and restless kiddos and such...).

We're trying to go camping this weekend. We have two nights reserved with two families we love, and are hoping so hard that the patchy rain predicted this weekend is heavy on the dry and VERY light on the wet. Pray for us, won't you?! Add to that, this is Lucy's first time sleeping in a tent, so I am trying to prepare myself that she might not settle right away, and might not sleep through the night. Who even knows?! She might surprise us all! 

I still have.... oh, EVERYTHING left to do in preparation. Like pack. Pick up foodstuffs. Load the car. Oops. But in my defense, this day has been a full one with a session in Illinois taking most of the morning, and getting kids lunched and down for naps taking the rest of it thus far. Still-- I could probably NOT sit here blogging and get packing instead... But isn't it funny how when we want to put something off, we find other things that need doing? Ha!


To round out the randomness of this post, here are a few of the recent pins I've pinned on Pinterest--- things that have caught my eye and make me think/smile/salivate:

1. First Aid pouches for a keychain: Cute AND incredibly clever! 

2. Taking Time to Live Life... A lovely sentiment done in a lovely print by this Etsy shop: Departika

5. Games and Activities to Play in the Car: We're headed on a doozy of a road trip in June, so this has been on my mind. I can't wait to check out these ideas! Original link:


Man, I love Pinterest. Endless inspiration and motivation, I tell you. 


Okay. I suppose I COULD start packing now. Ah, camping. Anyone here LOVE camping? Loathe it? I love it in theory, but check back with me after two nights with two little ones.


  1. I am soooo NOT a camper, so I admire your bravery. Taking kiddos, endeavoring bugs, enduring the heat and humidity, sleeping on the hard ground, no running water or electricity... Yep, you are very BRAVE!

    Just know, you will be missed greatly as we celebrate this weekend!

  2. We have always been campers. When the kids were babies they slept in a box in the rolling around... and we didnt close the box :) Just go into the weekend as an adventure and how it wont be perfect...what you are making is kids are grown now and they still talk about some camping trips we took when they were young. We lived in Illinois and would travel to Montana....where we finally moved to.We still we have dogs to deal with. Cant wait to hear about your sure to give your son a zip lock bag to gather some treasures or at least a disposable camera to take pics. If there are other kids there it will help...

  3. Re: What to take in the car on long trips. Pipe cleaners.
    The can be twisted, connected and shaped into endless combinations and shapes. And...they're QUIET. ;) If Noah can handle safety scissors, he can cut little pieces off to use to make arms and legs and antenna.

  4. Her pigtails are killing me! LOVE THEM!

  5. What Sarah said. Those PIGTAILS! Holy cuteness.

    You are a much braver woman than I to take the kids camping. How did it go?

  6. I am madly in love with Lucy. Her smile, her face, her hair -- she's captured every last bit of my heart. HOW did she get to be 1, though?! :)


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