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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I was thinking about sitting down to maybe blog about a trip Joe and I took over a year ago to Rocheport, MO... I just suddenly had the itch to go dig up the photos I'd never edited and get them done... tell the tale... wrap up one of the many loose ends from my life history story I can never seem to catch up on.

But then, the moment passed. And I sat on the couch and did nothing except catch up on the first episode of The Bachelorette.

I'm amazing.

I know.


Instead, I'll post a few photos of my project from last night:


I have wanted a bean teepee for AGES now. And I decided this was the year. I hauled the kids to Home Depot yesterday morning and picked up:
1. bamboo poles (6-8 of them)
2. twine
3. stakes to anchor the poles to
4. good, yummy dark soil

Last evening, I got to work "tilling" the circle--- actually, I ended up using the garden claw thingy to do most of the digging up of the grass, and then prepped it by hand after that. It was surprisingly satisfying to get in there and really work. After I prepped the circle, I hammered in my stakes, then poked the bamboo poles in at an angle and tied them to the stakes.


I gathered all the bamboo poles together at the top and tied them really snugly with twine (lots of twine) and voila! A bean teepee! I layered the good soil atop the regular soil, and will plant two bean seeds on the inside circle next to each post. Once the seedlings are starting to want to climb, I'll train them up onto the poles and strings and get them going skyward. I can't wait! It is the perfect size for Noah to chill out in once it's fully shaded. (See him helping me water plants back there? Aw!)


This bean teepee is just one more way I've been working on allowing myself the life I dream of in the vague "someday" to come to a reality in the "now"... No more am I going to wait until I own my own home... There are so many things I can do NOW even in our "for right now" home. And It was immensely satisfying to make this vision a reality. I cannot wait to reap the harvest of the fully grown teepee. It feels good to just get out and DO it. And seeing Noah get excited for it was just icing on the cake. :)

And repeating our bean dreams from last year, here are our teeny seedlings that will grow along our garage wall this summer. They were madly thriving last year and it was so satisfying to see them grow and grow and grow:

 Photobucket Photobucket

There is simply NOTHING like seeing a plant grow from a seed. To see that it ACTUALLY sprouted, despite one's not-so-green thumb. I love those little sprouts a ridiculous amount.

I also love geraniums.


 I need like 15 more of these pots. Then I can feel like I am on a small patio in Italy. Ahh, THAT'S the dream....


School picnic tonight. And only one more day of Noah's preschool this year. What are we two going to do with each other without that lovely place to diffuse his incredible mental and physical energy? How will I ever find time to do business-y things like emails and orders? Some adjusting of life and expectations is coming up very soon, I fear. Wish us luck!

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  1. Always loved making the tee pees. We would use purple beans that turn green when you cook them. Such fun!


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