A Paltry Output For My Week So Far

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This has been one of those weeks (months), that feels like I can't seem to get myself GOING. My discipline and motivation have flagged and I am floundering a bit with my goals, my personal principles of motherhood, my plans for the future.... It all kind of crashed to a halt after my insane April, when I had no choice but to be go go go go go go go go go go go for weeks... It was like after that insanity ended, I just....


So I've been trying to give myself pep talks to get back on track. 

It's not like I'm some crazy schedule-nazi that requires myself to be on a rigorous and stringent schedule of cleaning, cooking, self-improvement, mothering, and crafting. Trust me-- my goals are pretty small. Which makes this lull all the more embarrassing. It's not hard to do what I usually do. Yet I can't even seem to manage that small life. 


First of all, I posted the photo above as an ultimatum to myself to finally plant my butt in this seat in the next three days and pound out the epiphany and subsequent life changes surrounding rocks... Something that happened back in the fall and has led me since then.... that I've wanted to get down in writing, but never seem to make the time for. And now, more than ever, when I need to revisit that epiphany and recommit to it, seems a good time to get to writing. 

So, gauntlet thrown down. Photo shared. Epiphany must now get written. 

Second of all, I thought it'd be good for my sheepish inner self to jot down a list of things I HAVE managed this week, so that I can be kind to myself and forgive the bog things that keep not getting done. Maybe seeing a list of what DOES get done will help me forgive myself a bit more. 

So, this week, I managed to:

1. finish long-overdue client books AND send them off to the printer
2. make dinner for my family.  Once. Maybe twice?
3. Do one load of laundry. (Well, start one load. It remains to be seen if it'll get to the dryer before it starts to stink.)
4. Sweep up meal crumbs at least once a day. 
5. Throw away the junk mail. 
6. Get sticky labels off of 4 cute vintage lemonade bottles so I can use them for cold water all summer.
7. Ooh-- I DID cut out two sewing projects and nearly complete sewing on one of them. That was genuinely productive. Never mind I caught up on The Bachelorette while I sewed. That doesn't TOTALLY negate the productivity, right?!
8. Went on one walk, to pick up a prescription. 
9. Enriched my son's life with a cartoon while I dozed. 
10. Mailed a late birthday gift. 
11. Caught up on emails for work. 
12. Make the bed once. 
13. Remind and help Noah make his bed once. 
14. Watered our seedlings a couple of times.
15. Used a Massage Envy voucher. 

See? GREAT work, Em. 


Maybe tomorrow, since I'm bein' real, I'll go on a "my house needs some decluttering" scavenger hunt and show you guys the "dark corners". I think it makes everyone feel better to see someone's not-so-sunny stuff sometimes. And maybe my clutter will make you feel better about YOUR clutter. You DO have clutter, right? (Please tell me you have clutter. I need you to have clutter. It makes ME feel better.)

Okay. See? 16. Blogged. Like three times this week.

(Random: So I won't forget the little moments... I've recently discovered that Lucy is a CHAMP at entertaining herself while I work!!! Noah was NEVER like this at her age, so I just assumed she'd be needy and clingy, too. But she is amazing. She loves to take two halves of a plastic ball [like an Easter egg] and endlessly put them together, then take apart. Over and over. She just spent 15 minutes feeling up the strap of my camera and lightly exploring my camera bag in a surprisingly-non-destructive manner. She's AMAZING. I might just survive her transition to one nap if she keeps me company in this self-contented fashion. Woot!
Ooh, but must be careful not to abuse this discovery. She doesn't deserve me blogging every day during her awake time. I'll try to be aware of that. Just 'cause she CAN play alone doesn't mean she should have to every time.)


  1. I am fairly certain that at least 50% of my house is you're doing good :)

  2. Just do what is MOST important each day and the rest will get done, or it won't and it will all be okay. =) And as far as decluttering goes, donate, trash, and organize! We are in the midst of yet another move, locally, and I mercilessly toss things out when my kids aren't looking.

  3. Maybe I'll have to take a picture of MY clutter to show you that I've got plenty as well, maybe even more than you... ;)

    Hang in there- you'll get to where you need to be!

    Love you!

  4. My world is clutter. seriously. So.much.clutter. And I hear you on the laundry. I kinda love doing our cloth diaper laundry because I have to run it 3 times before moving it to the dryer. Makes me feel 3 times as productive turning that knob! :)

    I've been working a tiny bit by tiny bit (and I mean tiny) at organizing my life. I found the most amazing website that has been inspiring! Modern Parents Messy Kids. I started with the 6 week meal plan, which is part of POYEL (Project Organize Your Entire Life) Maybe I'll get to the other projects, but for now I'm enjoying knowing what to make for dinner, when! :)

  5. i wrote a comment earlier....and it was eaten....

    and now i don't remember what i said.

    clutter. i have it. lots. trying to get rid of it.

    i accomplish about the same or less. trying to be productive sometimes is like walking through honey. slow going.

    and now i'm going to go and try to be productive somewhere.

  6. I LOVE the rocks! I would love to know more about this completed project...

    and, if you are looking for early Christmas ideas...the rocks would so be a great idea, plus that rules banner you made... or a Weird Al greatest hits CD, if there is such a thing. Just a few ideas, but if you have other ideas, go with those... You know me: I love everything.

  7. Sorry you've been feeling this way. I totally know this feeling!! I'm glad Lucy entertains herself so well! It's such a blessing! Callum is the same way. And, for the record, Noah was ALWAYS that way at my house. Seriously. From when I started watching him until I stopped, he engaged in independent play daily when Cal was napping and he never gave me any trouble about it. I think he just knew I expected it and wasn't going to do anything differently during my own personal break from my kid. So stop being so fun for him. :)


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