20 Moments

Friday, May 11, 2012

Life has been full and busy and moving along here... Feels like I don't know how to make time to work on my own personal photos if they're not a "formal" shoot I've done, and so often, my daily thoughts and daily snapshots don't end up seeing the light of day... and I hate that.

I'm a thinker by nature, and a brain-dumper by nature as well, and I cannot tell you how many "blog posts" I write in my head throughout the weeks.... But can't manage to sit down and finish them... actually WRITE them. 

Add to that my personal need to have a photo (or 15) to go with the words.... It's silly, but it's a real thing for me...So posts don't get written. Because photos aren't ready. 

Ah. Endless dilemma. A constant circular problem. 

So for now.... a compromise: here are 20 of the crappy cell phone pics I've loved most in the last month. I have a clunky old Blackberry and the photos are genuine crap. (I dream of the day I can take pretty iPhone photos like 96% of the rest of the world). But at  least it TAKES photos, so I reach for it nearly daily to grab a quick photo of something I want to remember... something I'm loving that moment. And it's a bit freeing to know that these photos are so poor in quality that there is no point in editing them--- so I can just compile them, crop, assemble and post, the end... and not wonder if I should've done more. They are what they are. 

And in a composite like this one, I find that even though they're crappy, they're marvelous. I love them. 


20 Moments. Right here, right now.

1. Lucy's a champ at table food. She LOVES feeding herself and loves having a trayful of randomness to pick at. 
2. cupcakes for Tori's GNO baby shower
3. Lucy is enchanted with Noah's tent he got for Christmas that sits in our bedroom
4. portable lunch and a pretty day and my little boy's happy feet
5. stormy evening at the Thurtene Carnival at Wash U. I cannot resist a carnival, so we made a 20-minute visit.
6. Sewing 20 capes, frantically working on deadline.
7. Morning on the front stoop, saying goodbye to daddy as he heads to work. 
8. Impromptu evening picnic at Forest Park with dad... we played in the water and watched an ibis fishing.
9. 20 finished capes, ready for delivery
10. A full shopping cart at Aldi
11. a peek at the arch from the City Garden
12. grabbing kisses from Lucy at the City Garden
13. pre-naptime bottle and storytime with Noah beside me (not pictured)
14. my little chef, at Steak N' Shake
15. Water play in the sink. Noah had a new submarine he wanted to play with. 
16. She's getting curls!
17. Morning walk to preschool. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous neighborhood.
18.  One of the churches we pass on our walk. Noah took this shot. 
19. Her hair is long enough for pigtails. And I seriously melt when she wears overalls. 
20. VERY busy with her train. I love her big white bow.

It's a good, good life.... (Cue this song, which Noah wants me to buy from iTunes.)


  1. 1. GREAT song!
    2. All of the pictures are so awesome. Just because they were taken with your ever-convenient phone camera instead of your professional camera, doesn't mean they are "genuine crap." I wish I had a better thinking process about my own life. I am convinced that my life is not very fascinating, so I don't take pictures in the moment. My life is very boring. (I guess this is a too-wordy explanation to say that I love your life, and I am so glad you share so much of it!)

  2. it IS a good, good life indeed! Thanks for sharing yours with us. I too dream of the iPhone days... Happy Mothers Day Momma!

  3. You know, I think that these are great. I think what's most great about them is that they aren't meant to be amazing photographs -- you have a stellar camera and skills for that. These are meant to be bite size looks at your very real life -- it doesn't matter the quality, it matters that they exist. Props to you for capturing them and for getting in the photo. :)


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