29 Weeks.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm due April 11, less than 11 weeks away. 

When pregnant with Noah, it seemed that NO ONE was pregnant at the same time. But this time, it seems that a MILLION people I know are also pregnant and due within DAYS of me. So many, in fact, that I sometimes have a hard time keeping track!! It's eerie, but there are several due ON MY DAY or right next to it, and then another big group due on my friend Melanie's day or right near it... So for my own pregnancy-muddled brain, and for fun, I am going to start a list here, with the due dates I vaguely remember. If you're part of this Spring Baby Gang, and I got it wrong, or don't have you on here yet, leave me a comment and I'll update the list. 

Fun? (Okay, maybe this is only interesting to me... but... let's play.)

Coming Earlier Than Me:
(anyone want on this section? Leave me a comment!)
Valerie W.-- Feb. 25
Jennie I.-- Feb. 28
Angela R. (March)
April S. (March)

April/May Babies:
Ashley P. -- April 9
Erin D.-- April 9
Emily S. (that's me!) -- April 11
Kelly A. -- April 11ish
Amanda F. -- April 11ish
Melanie H. -- April 21
Jessica H. -- April 23ish
Misty H. -- May 1ish
Lisa E. -- May 1ish
Beth M.-- May 1ish
Emily D. -- May 13
Alison A. --May 15

(edited to add:)

Summer Babies:
(anyone want on this section? Leave me a comment!)
Janelle D. -- June 29
Adina B.-- July 1 
Brenda S. -- early July
Amy L. --July 27
Allison G. -- ?
Dawn R. --?

Okay... Who else?? And what's your actual due date? I see Easter-themed baby hats in my future, and springy colors...Love that my little one will mostly know warmth in her early days...

This is getting more real for me. And I'm loving it!


  1. These are your regular home day outfits, right? I see you lounging around in these. ;)

  2. Okay, Anna, I must confess: The only day Joe can really help me with these shots is Sunday, so these are likely always gonna be my church outfits...Or something nicer. :)

    When I got home from church this day, I immediately took off the leggings/boots/jewelry, and put on lounge pants under the dress, and wore that the rest of the day. Ha!

  3. That is how it is for me...we have 9 ladies in my wear due feb/mar/april

    I am due first. Feb 25th.

    Oh and we are ALL having GIRLS!!!

  4. Hi Emily!

    So excited for you and your family! I'm preggers with #2 due July 27th! We'll have to set up a playdate!

  5. You look FABULOUS, my dear! So awesome!

    My due date is Feb. 28th but our little man will probably be here in a couple of weeks. We hope that he holds on for a couple of weeks!

  6. Is Ashley P me? If not, that's crazy another Ashley P is due that month, but I'm the 9th. I have a list closing in on a dozen friends due that week, what was going on in July?!?

  7. You are right! There are tons of Spring babies!! You look beautiful and are all tummy!

  8. Ashley, that IS you! Off to go change it... :)

  9. I so want a spring baby someday! I already know how to have winter babies, LOL.

    And you're the cutiest.

  10. With Gradon I had the same thing happen, about 10 women I knew where due the same day/week timeline as myself, it was fun. Can't wait to meet your little girl!

  11. I want to be part of the group. I am due with baby boy on May 15th.

    You look fabulous. I am pretty sure I am bigger than you.

  12. Ealry July for baby number 2 in our house! ...There will be 3 DC toddlers you know with new sibling this summer!!! -Brenda

  13. I'm due just after Brenda then Dawn after me. All within a month :)

  14. I will try my best not to feel bad that you completely forgot about me! ;)

  15. July 1 due date! :)

  16. I know, everyone is pregnant, right? We are due June 29th. We get our ultrasound next week. So excited!

  17. look great! Love the belly shots :)

    I'm due May 13th...with little Molly...

    Emily D.

  18. What a beautiful belly!

  19. Anonymous8:28 AM

    You are looking so cute! I can't wait to see little Lucy! You can add me to the list! July 31st baby!

  20. You got mine right! We are due the same day. apr 11th. Isnt that funny? Its also my birthday! lol

  21. ooh, i'm due on feb 13th! and yeah, it's been awhile since i've visited your blog (or any blogs, really), so maybe you don't even remember me!


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