28 Weeks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I don't know how it happened, but suddenly I'm in my 28th week of pregnancy. I'm starting the third trimester. What?? 

This has flown by for me... I feel like it took longer to pop out, physically, and I haven't had the raging heartburn as early this time... So in a lot of ways, it has felt like I've been WAITING for pregnancy to really kick in, ya know? To be OFFICIAL. I know that sounds weird. But parenting a busy 3-year old, fielding strange unrelated illnesses, and weathering a holiday season all seemed to add to this distracted, "am I even really pregnant?" state of being. And here I am. 28 weeks. I haven't even taken a belly pic til now. So strange! 

Of course, Lucy is kickin' and a bumpin' like mad, so I DO have that sweet, odd, awesome reassurance that all is well in this journey. She seems particularly fond of sugar and singing, and loves to wake up and wiggle when I'm singing bedtime songs to Noah. 

But still.... 28 weeks?? That means there's TWELVE WEEKS LEFT. And suddenly, it all hits at once: 

I'm not READY!!!!! 

I don't have a DANG thing, except that cute "it's a girl" outfit I bought the other month (size 6 mo.), a gorgeous dress from her Aunt Beckie (size 6 mo.) and some cute flower hair clips from Sarah McK. Cute, and adored, ALL of it.... But does any of that prepare me for having an actual baby in 12 weeks?? 

I have no onesies. No diapers. No sleepers. Noah is still in the crib she'll be sleeping in. I don't have a bassinet. I don't have washcloths. Binkies. All my baby stuff like the swing and bouncer are in my parents' garage. 

I am NOT ready!! And haven't even begun making moves to GET ready. Isn't it funny how different this is from the first kiddo?

So. Time to begin, at least... Begin the thinking and planning. And I DO have more crafty skillz than last time, so for my own mental health, I'm going to list a checklist of the things I can MAKE/work on here as we get closer to the big event.

Baby Craftiness To Complete
burp cloths (6 or so?)
swaddle flannels (4)
knit pants (3-4 pairs)(upcycle these)
bibs (4)
baby carrier cover
nursing cover
8 onesies (nb)(applique cute stuff on them!)
crib quilt
crib sheets (2)

And so. Time to begin all of this. And keep up with belly pics. My goal is to take one a week from here on out, a la Emily Weaver Brown's project, here. And after I can afford the supplies, make a REAL baby quilt (I'm going to do THIS pattern!), just for my baby girl. And slowly gather the little things like sleepers and gowns and such. 

What fun! I'm finally OFFICIALLY pregnant! (Ha!)


  1. It sneaks up on you sometimes! :) I am just so happy for you! Enjoy that "getting ready" stuff! Enjoy the girlie-ness of it all as well! She'll be here soon and, by then, you WILL be ready! So, don't worry! :) Love you!

  2. By the way...I love the picture! Beautiful belly!

  3. I am 16.5 weeks pregnant with #2 (my Nola is a few days younger than your Noah) and I also amazed and how relatively quickly this pregnancy is going by comparison, although I feel pretty fat already.

    I agree with Lauren - gorgeous belly shot.

  4. You are just too cute!

  5. I can't wait to see what fun crafties you create for Miss Lucy! And what a perfect belly you have, my dear.

  6. Just remember, that baby isn't going to need much when she is born. The majority of it is really for you. ;)

    We adopted our oldest son. The agency told us to expect 6-18 months from when we turned in our profile--instead, we were chosen by the first birthmother that they worked with (less than two months after we went in the book). When she chose us, we hadn't gotten ANYTHING yet--and she was being induced exactly one week later! Plus, I was going to have to stay in his birth state with him for the first couple of weeks. I figured out really quickly just how little he needed and how quickly I could pull it all together.

    You'll be fine. You've still got tons of time!

  7. I LOVE it!! I am so excited to start belly pic too and way excited to see your weekly updates. and you have time.. perhaps you'll have a shower! I had 2 showers when I was expecting T and so I got smothered in PINK goodies!! boys are fun.. but oh. my the possibilities with girls are endless.. you will soon know! =)
    remember to slow down, and enjoy every bit of this cooking time!

  8. I didn't realize we are so close in our pregnancy (I will be 24 weeks in a few days). You are lucky that you didn't pop out at 9 weeks and aren't feeling bad heart burn. Yay for you! You look fabulous and I am so excited for you to have a girl!

  9. I might add babylegs to your list. Or steal mine when you come to visit. Josh's legs are simply too fat for them. But they are oh-so-cute.

  10. I LOVE the name Lucy!

  11. 12 weeks is a very long time. That's three whole months! You'll be fine!!

  12. i love that quilt! i love that youre naming her lucy:)


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