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Wednesday, May 20

My Facebook Status Reads:

So... If I'm slow coming back to blog, it is because I am trying to find my center again after a whirlwind two months... April and May, you have kicked my BUTT.

But in a good way. a GREAT way. I am living a life I have NO complaints about, except for maybe the missing magic cleaning fairy or the in-home masseuse. I mean, Noah is a STINKER sometimes, but he is the best part of my day, too. I get Joe around SO much, and he is a WONDERFUL dad and hubs. I am doing something I love and that creatively challenges me, and I am getting PAID for it. And much of it can be done in my pajamas, listening to my favorite music on iTunes.

So what if there are moments I want to scream and run away from the

a.) bills
b.) toddler whining
c.) weight I need to lose
d.) sixteen shoots waiting for editing

There is too much else GOOD to let those things get me too down.

So off I go to keep working on my attitude adjustment.
Thanks for waiting for me!

(P.S. I currently have my Facebook set to "Pirate English" for its language default. It makes me happy EVERY SINGLE TIME I get on there. So if the "Make Yer Mark" or "Arr, This Be Pleasin' to Me Eye" confused you, there it is. )


  1. will you come adjust my attitude today too? MAN I am having a FIRED UP day and I am usually pretty freaking happy! UGH!

    Too much work is a GOOD thing even if it comes with too little time right? :)

    Let's take a night OFF and go watch a movie soon! We need it!

  2. I can't help adjust your attitude, but if you need to vent, you know you can call.

  3. A Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down the front of his pants. His shipmates thought this odd and asked him why.

    He said, "Arrg, it drives me nuts!"

    I cried after I heard that one.
    Love you.

  4. Pirate English?!? I didn't even know FB HAD settings like that! (I guess that's what I get for not being an obsessive facebooker- not that you ARE, just that I'm hardly ever on for any length of time...)

    So, that being said, how can I get MY facebook set to Pirate English?!?
    That is SO cool!

  5. I'm booking our massages.... :)

  6. I totally just changed my fb to pirate english - I TOTALLY LOVE IT! Thanks. It makes me laugh every time.