Loving The Minutae: Rediscover Everyday Details

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Note to Self:
When feeling restless or discontent (or trapped by the gloomy weather/overwhelming work load/dark side of your creative nature), get back to the basics and look for joy in the everyday details. And if the kiddo naps long enough, take some photos of those details to remind yourself later of the beauty in the minutia of your day...

The quote I rediscovered:

"We are succulent with our shredded fantasies, our unread books, our misguided perfectionism, our hiding in bed eating rows of cookies, or neurotically running to and away from things.

We are succulent


Just the way we are now."



  1. LOVE the flower in your hair. too cute. hope all is well. miss you.

  2. That is a beautiful quote...

    I also love that window Noah peers from. It looks like such a 'discovery zone' for him!

  3. great post. great pictures. GREAT life. :)

  4. That's a great quote!

    The toys are so patiently waiting for Noah to wake up so they can play some more.

  5. Note to self: when my days are dark and gloomy, and I feel no inspiration - read Emily S's blog.

    And where, by the way, did you get that awesome rug! My boys would LOVE something higher than 20 :)

  6. I love the still moments you captured. Also, I love the quote! Succulent!

  7. LOVED LOVED LOVED this post! Love the new look of your blog! I seriously love this post... everything about it, from the perfect measuring spoons to the PERFECt quote!

  8. Um... where's the headband from Em? It's adorable!

    Nice post as well. I like everything about it!

  9. I love this post! It just made me smile.

  10. Nasrene7:53 AM

    Love this post! Your photos always make the ordinary things look so beautiful & extraordinary.

    Oh and PS - love the new website layout! Now that I've met you I don't feel so creeper-ish about checking up in your blog, LOL.

  11. I love how you can take everyday moments and everyday things and turn them into something whimsical and beautiful and inspiring.

    Those measuring spoons are adorable, but I am MUCH more curious about the articles of clothing BEHIND them....need to see more!!

  12. The new look is fabulous - and that quote touches a place that needed it today. Thank you as always, Em.

  13. An echo to previous thoughts:

    1. You look ADORABLE!

    2. Neil is gonna plotz when he sees Noah's shoes. Little boy-shoes kill him!

    3. Those spoons rock.

  14. Love the new blog look and I loveyour new bed set!

  15. Lol. You're my faves. I love the simple photo wall, I'm copying. Frames, where from and what sizes? Love the new bed look too. And Noah's treasures. And his look out, I wish we had better look outs. And the muffins, I need to make more! And the ROBOT! I need one. For Ellie. Yeah. And the spoons are adorable. Great quote, too. I'm never neurotic though.

  16. :) Beth10:50 PM

    What Stef said.

    Such inspiration you are. I went around my house yesterday after your images rattled around in my head a bit and made a photographic "gratitude journal" a la Sarah Ban Breathnach. It helped turn my frown upside-down.


  17. How do you make simple things SO pretty? You are amazing. And I, too, would like to see the clothing items modeled, please. :)


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