Class of 2010: Listen Up!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Got your attention? Juniors, it might feel early to be thinking about your senior portraits already, but actually, this is the perfect time. Your current seniors are graduating and you are about to take on the title for yourselves. With all the expenses of your senior year, it just makes good sense to plan to take your senior portraits in the summer before your senior year.

In fact, if you book a session with me for the summer or fall in the next three weeks, there's a contest for you:

So start thinking about photos NOW, and email me SOON! Once I receive a deposit from you, if you make it by June 1st, you are entered to win!

And we can begin planning the good times we'll have at your session.

So what are you waiting for??



  1. All seniors should have their photo's taken before Senior year starts. Here in Vegas, it's required before the end of August.

  2. :) Beth11:36 PM

    Sa-weet!! Love the poster!!


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