Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blessed beyond measure to have the life I have. It may not look like much to the outside-- we are dirt poor and living in the attic of a Mason Lodge... We are not beautiful. We are not "successful". We don't have glamor or fame or acclaim.

But we have so very very much...

We have incredible families. Many many siblings of deep creativity and intelligence and devotion. Parents who not only set an incredible example for us in our childhoods, but who also give incredible support and love to us as we learn how to be parents ourselves.

We have incredible friends. Joe, with his age-old network of beloved friends he's know longer than he can remember... and me with my girls. My Utah girls (even if you aren't even in Utah anymore!), my ELW girls... my "email girls"... My local girls... my 10th grade geometry girl... INCREDIBLE. The most incredible pillow of love and support and concern and safe havens. I THRIVE in these relationships.

I am blessed with the yearning to make pretty things... whether it be photographs (my current incarnation), or writings or crafties or paintings... whether it be with glue or clay or fabric... I have a deep well of creative resources that I am blessed to be able to delve into to feed my thirst. I grow through the creative agonies I experience and push through. I bring a little simple beauty to our life with the things I make.I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a mother. Oh, what a rich, endless, unfathomable blessing. To be given the stewardship of this little man, and his brilliant mind, and his creative, stubborn, strong SELF. To get to be home with him while still doing a little something to help our family out financially. To get to sing to him every day and pray with him every night and hold him and breathe him and watch him move so far, so fast. Oh, my heart sings to know I am really and truly a mother.

I am blessed to be married to my best friend-- the man with infinite patience to my frenzied, moody life-passion. The man who listens to the same things over and over, and still finds something new and kind to say to talk me back down. The man who was born to be a father, and whose son knows it to his core. The man who is finding his own passion and exploring his own worth as we travel this road together. The man who makes me feel as beautiful as a queen, no matter what.
I am blessed to have faith. To have a relationship with my Father in Heaven and His Son. I am blessed that He is, if possible, even more infinitely patient with me than my sweet husband. I am blessed that I KNOW families are forever, and I get to be with mine, from my grandparents down to my grandkids, for eternity. I am blessed that each day is a new chance to try to be better-- to learn to overcome my mistakes. To become more like my beloved Older Brother. I am blessed that I can share this BIG FAITH with my own children.

I am blessed. My life is truly joy-full. Wonder-full. And in the midst of the rush, the business, the emails, the tantrums, the bills, the phone calls, the tiffs, the diapers, the colds and flus, the bug bites, the insecurities, the jealousies, the inadequacies, the worries, the mood swings, the traffic, the headaches, the few extra pounds, the anxieties...........In the midst of all of this, it only take a moment to stop, breathe, and remember I am blessed.
{Photos by my generous friend Jodie, of Jodified Photography. This last one is already up on my wall.
Black digital vintage frames by Katie Pertiet.}


  1. Perfect! You have brought me to tears. Such insight and truth. I lost my breath as soon as I saw that first picture. Such a beauty with a perfect flower in her hair.

  2. Thanks, Em. I really, really needed that tonight. I know I, too often, forget about all the blessings I DO have and dwell on the things I don't have. I need to remember that I really am blessed - even if I don't have everything I want right now.

    So, thank you.

  3. This is wonderful
    Thank you...
    You are a blessing to us Emily

  4. I really loved your post, so inspiring. Thank you!

    The pictures were beautiful.

  5. I enjoyed your post about your blessings. Sometimes we do forget or tend to dwell on what we don't have. Your pictures are beautiful. And I like the apron! It makes me want to make something. :)

  6. TOTALLY great photos of you. Wowza, you two look amazing. And those colors! Even back in that fateful sophomore year class, you knew how to put together colors/outfits in a way I had never seen, but just *worked.*

    Wonderful me not a little misty-eyed...I have *ever* thought of you as blessed, and blessing others along the way.

  7. you rocked that post friend. i'm sure you bless those lives you named more then us, you. you're awesome.

  8. And I am blessed to know you, and to be remind by you every day just how blessed I am.

    I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much our 'talks' mean to me -- and then to see this, the rawness, the graciousness, the take my breath away, seriously, Em.

    I wish that there were a way that you could turn your own camera around on that you could capture even a smidgen of the beauty that you possess -- with your own rockin photographic style. Maybe we just need to clone you.

    If I = green, then you = all the colors in the rainbow.


  9. i think you're wrong, Emily... your life IS GLAMOROUS! sparkly jewels and shiny shoes are things that get taken off and can be lost, forgotten, and unappreciated. but what YOU have, is a REAL LIFE - a HAPPY life. and that, to me, is real glamour.

  10. So well said, Em! Life is what we make of it, and with a beautiful little family of your own, incredible extended family and friends, who really needs more than that? And... you all do have the looks going for you too. ;)

  11. Em, you are incredible. Every single day. Your realness (is that a word? if not, it should be!) and your ability to live the moments and enjoy the life. SO very good and so very lucky we are to have you and to share parts of our journey together.

  12. Thank you for touching my heart again. What a blessing you are in my life.

    And the photos are fabulous, too!

  13. perfectly said. those are GORGEOUS pictures and the impact of your words...i'm speechless. great post.

  14. How can you say you guys are not beautiful? You and Joe and Noah are one of the most beautiful families I know. (Granted, I may be a bit biased, but still...) You are truly blessed. And I love that you recognize it. Seeing blessings for what they really are is precious, spiritual gift. We are all blessed for knowing you. Thank you for being an inspiration and a shining light to so many!

    Love you!

  15. I loved this post.

    I hope to reach a time where I have even a morsel of the dedication, drive, and love of life that you have.

    I love you!

  16. :) Beth11:41 PM


    And what Stef said?

    Double sniff.

  17. Beautiful...absolutely beautiful

  18. Thanks for coming over and commenting. I love your work. It's so lovely.

  19. You are so stinkin' cute!

  20. I love this post. It is so real and honest. I love you for that. And by the way, you are beautiful so you need to edit that part. I Miss you. I love how amazingly talented you are. It's all about being happy and it looks like you have found that. None of the other "stuff" really matters.

  21. What a touching post. I loved it. What a great place to be in your life: happy, healthy, loved, and truly blessed. You are so lucky, as are the rest of us.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


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