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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Bella, Bella.... Be still my heart. You make the longing in me for a daughter of my own so intense that I might not survive another son! You're a vision in pink tulle and flowers and smocking and bows, and it was a singular pleasure to fulfill the girly side in me through you!

What a fun session! Beth, she is AMAZING, and I cannot wait to see you again for your family shots!


On a more personal note, it was so cool to "meet" some of my silent readers through the comments on my last post. I think my musings struck a chord, and if you haven't already, go back and read dome of the incredible comments that were left. It is a fascinating discussion-- WHY we blog... And something I am still working through. I want to post again about it soon... I have some additional thoughts to add. Until then, thank you for coming out to share your stories, and in some cases, to introduce yourselves. It made my day!! I needed to hear from you all!


  1. That smile is priceless. You are so good.

  2. Wow...simply stunning...

    I loved your thoughts below, so true. How grateful I am my beloved lil' bro Joe has such an amazing woman to call his wife. I just love you.

  3. Oh ho I do LOVE the pictures. They are beautiful. You did a wonderful job catching my Sweet Bella's fun personality.

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

    I too can't wait for your next session!

  4. WOW - that's about all i can say.. WOW!!!

  5. Good gravy, she's a sweet and beautiful little girl! And you captured her so perfectly.


  6. Dawn otf7:14 PM

    Love love love them. You captured her personality so perfect.

  7. The pictures are wonderful. I love my Bella :)

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  9. I'm the proud Auntie of sweet Bella, the pictures are just precious! I love that you got a little of all of her fun moods, and you captured that adorable sh*t eatin' grin of hers!

  10. I'm normally not a girly-pink fan, but...this may have converted me. It's all so PRETTY! I think 'baby trends' (that I've seen, as a non-mom) have gotten so far away from the traditional that fluffy, lacy, shiny pinks just aren't seen that often...and while I do love those new styles...there's nothing that can really compare to a little girl in pink tulle and ribbon.

    I loved your words about having a daughter, too. When you announced that you were having a boy (even though I generally like little boys better), my heart sank a bit...and you KNOW how much I love that kid, but I wanted a girl for you SO BADLY. it just seems to...*fit*.


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