Happy Blog-a-Versary!

Friday, August 29, 2008

(well, technically, the actual blog-a-versary came and went, unnoticed, forgotten, neglected by me... on August 6. but it IS still the anniversary month of my first, inaugural post two years ago in 2006. So it counts. Because I say so.)
Oh wow oh wow... It's hard to believe I have blurted out my randomness for the online world for two whole years now. TWO YEARS. Unsure of just what my new blog was going to BE, but hopeful that it would metamorphosize into something truly representative of ME, hopeful that my dear family and friends would give it a read once in a while, that first post was just a simple, searching introduction-- a "feeler" sent into the blog universe.
I remember exactly how it all started. My friend Melody had emailed me a link to her new blog-- Midwest Madness with the Aanderuds. It was something basic Paul started, with a handful of photos, and it was really cool- something I hadn't seen before. (Granted, Joe and I had procrastinated getting the Internet in our home since being married nearly two years earlier-- something about being worried we'd become online junkies. That hasn't happened at ALL, has it?? *note the sarcasm*). Still-- though I had heard of "blogging", it had never occurred to me that it could be an outlet for photographs as well as stories-- a central place to document a life for loved ones to keep track of. Brilliant! After pondering the vastness of it all, and then seeing that my friend Katie also had one, as well as Kate, I took a deep breath and dove in.

And now? Two years later, my blog has blossomed into something I could have never truly envisioned at the start-- not only is it the journal and photo album I wanted it to be, it has become the hub of an online social life I could have never dreamed would exist. I have new friends that share in my life through this blog, and I theirs. This blog networking has led me to blogs and websites of some of the most creative, inspirational women in the world, some of who may not know ME, but who inspire me all the time with their blogs. I have found peace through this blog. I have found answers. I have laughed, at myself and with others. This one little blog has blossomed into a list of 109 blogs I now subscribe to on Google Reader. Over ONE HUNDRED blogs! All found through comments, posts, links, and emails between blogging friends.

It all amazes me. What a gift this "Little World" has been. And I hope it has been a gift to some of you at one time or another. I hope that as I continue to keep my "online journal", it is not only a place to vent, but to share, to learn, to teach, and to inspire. I certainly am inspired by others' blogs. And 29,400 "hits" don't seem to lie. (and a word about that-- I didn't even put a counter on my blog until August 2007. So there's a whole year of unrecorded "hits" not counted in that total.) What a remarkable thing. Sure, my mom probably contributes 3 or 4 of those hits a day... but she certainly didn't manage the rest of them! So somewhere, someone else is reading this.

Anyway... I've rambled long enough. You guys don't come on here for the WORDS. Boo. You guys come for the photos... and maybe you also pop by every day just hoping I'll finally do a giveaway.

Well, today's your lucky day. In honor of this two-year anniversary, and because I am kinda addicted to having you all as readers, and because I love how happy you all make me, I have something cute, sweet, and HOMEMADE by ME for one lucky reader. This lil' something involves two of my current passions.
Yep-- Cupcakes and aprons!!

This lil' idea is not my own (well, the cupcake part is)... This apron comes from another marvelous Emily, the author of Little Momma and Company.
{apron tutorial here}

So. Time for you lurkers to de-lurk. Even if you are a dude, this lil' apron would make a sweet gift for a wife, girlfriend, mom or sister...And you regular commenters, you're invited, too!
Post a comment telling me something fun-- your favorite song as a teenager, how you found my blog, why you keep reading it, what the name of your ranch would be if you had a ranch-- anything.
At 12:00 midnight Sunday night (the last evening of my blog-a-versary month), I'll take all the comments and draw one out of a hat. Or bucket. Or something. And I'll announce the winner on Monday.

And if aprons aren't your thing, leave a comment anyway. What better time to de-lurk or refresh your love for "Emily's Little World" than on it's blog-a-versary?

I love you guys.

Thanks for the last two years. Here's to many more.



  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    No need for an apron, but I love reading the thoughts of another new(ish?) mom struggling with some of the same issues I am, but also experiencing some of the same joys.

  2. definately not true. i totally ready what you write along with enojoying all your pictures. you truly have been an inspiration to me over the past two years. what an amazing teacher you were. in fact, i brought all my journals with me to school. I like to read them every once in a while for encouragement. not sure i will cook very often in my residence hall but your aprons sure are cute!

  3. Jackie Wills8:28 PM

    Hi Emily! I found your Noah blog on babycenter through the "November 2007" babies group. I have a Noah who shares your Noah's birthday, so I was immediately sucked into reading his blog and also yours. I find comfort in reading about your perspective/joys/frustrations that come with being a new mom. I also love looking at your photography.

  4. i'm not a lurker and so proud to be able to say that... and call you an actual in-real-life friend! :)

    oh, and although i don't cook i would love an emily original! :) so count me in the contest!

  5. Hey Em- We united over at BBC, and then we bonded over emails regarding our lil men -- who share a birthday and hopefully can be BFFs someday, right? :)

    I love reading your blog -- not just looking at pics rest assured, your words are not falling on deaf ears.

  6. I read because Emily's are cool and have so many rad things to share.

    I LUV the apron. It's darling.

  7. Um, I basically think you're the bees knees. . . How can I help but read? Not to mention stare at the gorgoeous pictures. I'm thrilled you've been blogging for two years! I love seeing your blog and noah's pop up in my bloglines. It brings me joy.

    Other things that bring me joy. . . aprons, and. . . cupcakes!! Hooray!

  8. Anonymous11:03 PM

    I love that I found you through OBBC! You are such an amazing person and I love & am totally jealous of your photographs :). John (DH) gets mad at me when I take "too many" and all I have to work with is my Cannon Powershot. I was really letting my own journal slide with the responsiblities of being a SAHM & wife but you encouraged me to post more regularly to it. I really hope you'll at least stop by Plan B once in awhile but if not I'll still read here when I get a chance :)

  9. I love that I found another photo loving mommy with a child the same age as my own. And she just happens to be super cute, has a flair for the adorable, and a wonderful writer. :)

  10. What a seamstress you are and what a lovely blog you have, always creative and bursting with life to the fullest. Cheers from Christy!

    to a previous post: I think the house you live in is really neat, especially how you decorated it.

  11. hmmm, i read because i think that somehow i'll figure out how to be creative like you. because i think joe is lucky to have you. because i wish we lived closer. and i love when you're honest. is that enough reasons yet????

  12. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I love your blog :) I know I have left some comments before....I think you are super cool, and I am LOVING that cutie-pie apron!!! Count me in to WIN sista!

  13. Funny thing, I typed in Joe Southerland into the google search and found your hubby's blog which of course led me to your blog and since we are like cousin-in-laws it is so fun to see what you and your family is up to. I can't believe you have 109 blogs you subscribe to. Do you have time to read them all. BTW, I love reading what you have to say, and the photos are a nice touch. You are a great photographer!! I love your little apron too!

  14. Emily,
    Though it took me awhile to get into the blogging thing, I absolutely love it, and your blog is one of my favorites! I love that old friends like us can reconnect this way and stay in touch with each other's lives. Your blog reminds me of you--just the way you were when we were in college--creative, random, always in deep thought..and sometimes just crazy funny.
    One fun thing is when I randomly dropped in one time and you just happened to be doing that "live chat" thing and we got to talk for a bit. That was cool.
    Tell me how to add the counter thing....I'm obsessed with people liking mine too :)

  15. I'll admit openly that I'm addicted to this blog and Noah's. I even check Joe's about once a month! :) You've inspired me in my baking adventures and everyone has you to thank. An interesting thing about me? Well, when I was little my dad ran a sports league through our church. I played soccer and softball for 7 years. It's still going and now has close to 1000 kids signed up.

  16. I knew it....cupcakes AND an apron, of course! You are truly a gifted gal, and I'm glad to be a part of your family. Thanks for making me feel so welcome into yours, and I have enjoyed reading your blogs, but what I really look forward to seeing are those wonderful pics you take! You are so talented and I adore your passion for photography and life! You are so beautiful and have a cozy and adorable lil nest where you call home. You are creative and that's what we all love, Em.

    (Can I still get a cupcake for all that?)

  17. hmmm...two of my favorite things! cupcakes and aprons!!! Love reading along, nodding my head in agreement and realizing we are all connected in some little way. Love it and thanks for sharing your world with us!

  18. Emily, I always save your blog for the last to read on my blogroll for the day - because I am never disappointed. Your honesty, humor, and take on life inspire me to be better. Thanks for brightening my world by sharing yours.

    And my ranch - why "Little Dudes Ranch" of course!

  19. Happy Blogaversary! I love that I re-found you through blogging. I love all your pictures and anecdotes and creativity. Blogging is the best!

  20. I love your blog and you and little Noah!!! Something about me--- right now I'm eating homemade guacamole and i could eat it all night. Some cupcakes would finish me off.

  21. Happy anniversary! I came across your blog from Babycenter and have been hooked ever since. I aspire to be able to make cupcakes like you and Melanie!

  22. Dawn-orngpikkle11:22 PM

    Happy Blogaversary! I come here because you inspire me with words, photographs, humor, creativity, cuteness, and just all around kindness. Heres to many more years and many more smiles.

  23. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Hello Emily,
    I'm proud to say I am a lurker... it creeps my husband out that I read about others lives, but I love it. I'm inspired by everyone's stories, crafts and photography. I love crafting, and am working hard on becoming a 'true' photographer instead of a point and shoot girl.
    I found your blog through another creative blog. I'm glad I did because I love it! Thanks for letting me read. Oh... and congrats on your blog-a-versary!


  24. I ADORE reading this blog :) I am also a Nov. 07' Birth Board Mama :D In fact- the Christian Mommyies group met last month for four days in Chicago! :D

    I have been addicted to this blog since the day I started reading it! Love the pictures( I attempt, and take pictures everyday but they just dont stand up to yours!)- but I also love "hearing" what you have to say!

  25. Judie9:18 AM

    Hi Emily... I also found your blog through BBC (my second son was born on 11.17). I finally came out of "lurkdom" over there so it's time I did the same here. Kudos to you for being so open, honest and inspiring! And thank you, too, for introducing me to so many other great blogs. Honestly, before I came across your site I never really knew what a blog was. Well, now I'm hooked!

  26. My favorite song in high school and still today is "Footloose", seriously, Kenny Loggins has got it going on. I can't help but be happy and want to dance when I hear that song.
    I found your blog because you are one of my very true friends and wanted me to be jealous of your life away from you. (You know I'm kidding here right?) But I do get jealous that other people get to enjoy you face to face and I can only resort to phone calls, emails, and blogs. But for heaven's sakes Thank the stars for the blogworld!
    I keep reading your blog because you never cease to amaze me with your thoughtfulness and insightful look at life and everything that encompasses.
    For the life of me I can't come up with a name for a ranch. Rockin' Rader Ranch, but then would it be 3R? Oh the pressure!

  27. Can I be counted in on this fun little contest even thought I'm a blood relative?

    And, can I just tell you I love your blog? I love your style of writing, I love your pictures, I love your stories ... ah what the heck ... I love you!!! :o) (does sucking up give me a better chance of winning?)

  28. I gotta say, there's nothing quite like a cupcake apron to motivate me to leave a comment!
    I love reading your blog and checking out the pics. It's been fun to get to know you somewhat through the blogosphere... I love your work and your creativity. You seriously inspire me- you and Melody. Why, oh, why don't I know anyone like you guys HERE?!

  29. Holey CARP!!! I popped in with just 12 minutes to spare before the deadline. Pick me! Pick me!!!

    Oh, and I'm so here for the ARTICLES, not just the PICTURES.

    Though I do love me some Emily photos. Girl, you have inspired me, challenged me and educated me in ways you'll never know.

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I swear I wasn't cheating!! I don't know why it posted twice!

  32. Hey I love the apron! Aprons make me happier in the kitchen. And man do I love cupcakes! I need to get those noah photos to you on a disk.

  33. I love your apron. And cupcakes. And, it is so sad, but I suffer from an acute crafting disability. I would never be able to fashion such a cute apron on my own, but probably all these other commenters are crafty sew-y girls who embroider post-it notes to their kids' teachers and stuff. :(

    Other random fact: I do not want a dog, but I enjoy inventing names for my imaginary future dogs. Top contenders are Hot Diggety, and Sexmo.

    Anyway, happy blogiversary!!!

  34. I'm late so I missed out on the fabulous apron (how'd you do the cupcake stitching? just embroidery stitch?) But I wanted to comment to tell you that I LOVE your blog, and I'm so glad that we had babies born together, so we would be on Nov. BBC, and find each other!

    I feel like I have so much in common with you (weird, I know!) I think you are awesome, and I think you are an awesome mom to Noah! Keep up the the great work! ANd keep up the blogging!!

  35. well, I am so glad I helped you take the plunge! Way to go. And look how blessed our lives have been because of it. It is so great to get to see what is going on in your life and read stories and pictures to go along with it. I LOVE IT


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