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Monday, August 25

Festival of Nations: Our Saturday Outing

Because I'm always a sucker for art fairs, storytelling festivals, flea markets, bluegrass gatherings, and every other homegrown get-together involving booths of some sort, Joe, Noah and I headed over to Tower Grove Park in the hot afternoon on Saturday and checked out the annual St. Louis Festival of Nations. This is a festival that brings together the most varied assortment of nationalities, each country representing its culture through food, music, and artisan booths. It was fun strolling through the crowds and people-watching, and Noah got a kick out of all the different sorts of music playing on three different performance stages.
Here, a sampling of what we saw:

{the Scots, tossing logs and the like}

{Noah, enjoying his frozen peas in the mesh feeder}

{Joe and Noah, watching the Scottish games}

{Some of the booths-- I wanted one of these knit hats for Noah... but we withstood the temptation.}

{...loved the prayer flags on the Nepalese booth}

{colorful skirts, tempting the ladies}

{Ethiopian treasures}

{Performers, waiting their turn}

{next up, these Latin dancers:}

...And a few of our little family, while we sat under a tree and rested from the heat and the crowds:

Fun! Next festival-- the big Clayton Art Fair, the one that takes up tons of blocks and has tons of variety. It comes in early September. Can't wait!


  1. Dawn (orngpikkle)8:44 PM

    That last one is the cutest family picture ever!

  2. What a fun family event!!!

  3. So glad to see you taking advantage of all things festive! And I adore that family shot - you all look so wonderful. Now does Joe enjoy festivals as much as you do, or is he like my dh,who will go, but only if I let him know it's something I REALLY want to do?

    Oh - and thanks so much for your kind blog comments today - it means a ton!

  4. WOW...you'll have to inform me when this comes around again! I love different cultures, and it sounds like it was fun!!!

  5. I agree, that is the cutest family picture!! I absolutely LOVE festivals too!

  6. i love the family pic :)

  7. I love all the pictures you captured of the event. You have such a good eye. Your little family is adorable.

  8. Oh, I am so with you! I LOVE stuff like that! Great pictures to document, of course!

    Love it!

  9. Man that looks like fun. Why didn't I know about this? I love multi-cultural type festivals, if only for the different kinds of food.

    And I wish Joe were wearing his kilt. Next year.