Impromptu Picnic

Friday, August 22, 2008

It has been really amazingly lovely this summer in the Midwest... Only one week of terrible, soul-draining heat, and the rest of the time is has been moderate and very light humidity. So today, when Noah (and I) woke from naptime, I chucked a bunch of supplies in a bag, put Noah in my new ring sling, grabbed a quilt, and we headed to our front yard to enjoy Noah's lunchtime outside.

The Minutiae:
The happy kiddo:

the mom, lurking in the foreground:

Oh, there I am! (Warning: yesterday's makeup alert...Yikes.)

Ahh.... I love the little things in life like this.

And, it seems, so does Noah.

how are YOU these days?

p.s. I cannot tell a lie: I TOTALLY photoshopped out the gigantic flecks of leftover mascara from under my right eye in that one photo. Sue me. I was embarrassed. :)


  1. Love the sling! Did you make it yourself? I tried lots of slings, but never the ring sling -- is it easy? I am directionally challenged -- you should get Joe to take a pic of you with Noah in the sling!!

    Your impromptu picnic (and NAPS!!)makes me so jealous...I wish I had more time to do stuff like that with Max -- I am so happy you are enjoying it!

  2. Glad to see you enjoying the days! We've been having our fair share of yard picnics lately, and they really make you enjoy the moment.

  3. please kiss that darling tummy for me

  4. Looks like it was lots of fun. I love all your attention to details. I don't have fun details to photograph. Ugh. Why does my house (and things) have to be so plain?

  5. Love the ring sling. Do you? Looks like a fun picnic!

  6. yeah-- the ring sling is REALLY handy, especially with Noah at this age. He never liked the "lying down" position in slings, so it wasn't useful as a newborn. But now I throw him on my hip and dash into the store, or carry him while I prepare his food... It's really great!

    And I didn't make my sling. There's a great shop in town that has a lady who makes them and she is SO good-- top-notch quality. (I picked out my fabric, though!)

  7. Cute lil outing on a beautiful summer day! I'm glad things are going well for you in your new calling as a mother!

    Things for me...well, you can check it out on my blog....but basically STRESSFUL!!!

    Thanks for letting us come visit last was delightful!

  8. you are such a FUN mom! i love the pics. you are amazing. :)

  9. Picnics are awesome! 2 of Rylan's favorite things: the outdoors and FOOD! :-) Looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing.

  10. sounds heavenly! He is just as adorable as ever and you are looking mighty gorgeous yourself :) Sure miss you.

  11. We've talked, so you know how things are for me (they didn't really improve by the end of the week...)

    But I am excited to come home for next (Labor Day) weekend, and my Noah fixes are always a bright spot.

    Thanks again for listening. Have another beautiful day!

    Love you-

  12. I love the quilt, so colorful and the pics are great. I love picnics. They are the perfect celebration of summer!!

    AND i love your cozy home! The pics in the post just down from this one are amazing!

  13. How cute :). Noah seems to know he's living the good life!

    I wish we could do more things like that but with oppressive heat, high humidity, skeeters & now T.S Fay trying to blow through it just doesn't happen. Ah well, here's hoping the fall will provide more opps!

  14. glad i'm not the only one who has their mascara still on the next day!!

  15. Looks delightfully fun. And where did all Noah's hair come from? Loves it.

  16. I just had an improptu picnic the other day (I didn't take any pics beacuse we didn't have power thanks to TS Fay and I was still in my PJs with yesterdays shower, and hair). But, with the storm brewing outside we had it in the hallway, picnic basket and all!!!


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