Post Backlog #1: E-Friends and Meeting Melanie

Sunday, August 17, 2008

CRAP! how has it been a WEEK since my last post? Time flew away from me! I had three photo shoots this week, substitute taught for four days, and hosted my brother and sister-in-law for the weekend... Hmm... I guess THAT'S how.
So for tonight's post, I want to talk about two friends... Melanie and Stefanie. This is a long-overdue post, with photos dating back to May and June, hence the title "Post Backlog". (Sadly, there are SEVERAL unwritten yet meaningful-to-me posts in my head from the last few months... So I will be doing this "backlog" thing here and there to catch up...)
Melanie and Stefanie and I met though the mom-information-and-networking-site Babycenter. All of our baby boys were born in the same month, so we had that to link us together. We became friends through our blogs, a little, but really connected as a fluke when both Melanie and Stefanie emailed me regarding one of your many mutual baby issues. since both girls had the same question, I sent my response back to both of them at the same time instead of separately, and VOILA! An email friendship was born. Since that first set of emails so many months ago, we have really seen our friendships deepen and grow to a level none of us could have imagined. We have spoken on the phone, we text message, we send flowers (thanks, Stef!!)... {remember these flowers? With the lemons in the bottom? Such a wonderful surprise pick-me up!!}
We send "happy mail" (thanks Mel!)...

{care package from Melanie: so many fun treats and doodads. made my entire week!}

{turtle "taggie" blanket I made for Stefanie's son Max}
...And we have grown as mothers as a result of our e-adventures. All of us feel so lucky to have "found" each other, and joke about the day we'll be united together in person for the first time fifty years down the road on Oprah. It'd make a great story!

Well, while I have not yet met Stefanie (and we'll remedy that someday, Stef!), I DID get the delightful opportunity to meet up with Melanie and her husband Ben and their November baby Nolan while Joe, Noah and I were on our long, infamous road trip out West in June. Both of our little families met up for dinner and photos, and enjoyed an all-too-brief visit together. (Even the hubbies, who got dragged along, enjoyed the get-together!)

{Noah exploring his new friend}

{Nolan getting a CLOSER look}

{all of our boys}
The babies were, of course, ADORABLE. Nolan had the enviable skill of clapping on demand, something even two months later Noah has not even attempted to do. Nolan has the most amazing blue eyes and a cute lil' round head capped with RED(!) hair. So ridiculously cute. And of course, we all know how stinkin' cute Noah is... Watching them interact was so much fun!

{Noah seems REALLY fascinated by Nolan's existence}

{this one is more like, "Hey, Nolan- check this out!"}

{Here, Nolan goes for the FULL COURT PRESS}

{...which Noah isn't too thrilled about. But Nolan seems pretty self-satisfied.}

{But when Noah tries to get back at Nolan, down he goes! (I especially like the finger hooked in Nolan's mouth. Wow!)}

{and one more cute one...(Melanie made the onsies, by the way. SO clever!)}

And meeting Melanie? Well, by the time we said goodbye, it felt like we had know each other for years.

So thank you, Mel. And thank you Stef. I can't wait to keep watching our babies grow up together. I cherish your friendships and the confidence you help me feel in being a new mama.
You both amaze me and make me smile.
...And one last photo, perhaps my favorite:

{Psst, Mel: you two make the cutest team.}


  1. Cherron1:19 AM

    What an adorable little meet-up! The photos were too cute of the wee guys. Sooo sweet.

  2. Look at those rosy cheeked boys! fun. cute. Got me intrigued by what the question was though :)

  3. hooray! Thanks, Em! Your pictures turned put so cute! And I really needed this post today. It's nice to remember what awesome friends I have, even from afar.

  4. Haha I finally get a chance to leave a comment!

    The pics of your meetup are adorable but of course how could they not given the subjects! It's great you have such a close relationship with them :)

    -Rachel from BBC/ Plan B

  5. I absolutely love these two little "N"'s. So cute!!!

  6. I thank my lucky stars a LOT that I found you and Mel. Thanks for the sweet blog post (the SECOND one too!)..I feel so loved.

    But I feel so sad that I haven't blogged yet about that SUPER COOL turtle taggie blanket...I will do it!! I will, I promise!

    Thanks for being there, for being you, and for being so great!!

  7. Amelia -- the question was regarding CIO. I think we were all a little too bashful to post it on the boards, and we wanted to bounce a few ideas off each other.

    Nothing too scandalous, unfortunately.....but we could make something up :)

  8. Aw, I'm so jealous! Looks like you all had a great time - how fabulous you were able to meet up!

  9. Oh goodness.

    that turtle blanket is darling. Simply precious. AND these pictures, sweet as pie. What talent!

  10. Oh that turtle blanket...and I'm sure my little pip would have loved it as well...she has a blanket that she loves..actually, she loves the blanket only becaue it's attached to the tag..calls it her "taggy love"..ALWAYS has it w/ her...

  11. Dawn (orngpikkle)9:54 AM

    Great pictures. Two beautiful babies. How did all the cutest babies get born in Nov?
    It's nice that you have found such great friendships. It sure makes going through all of these new things a little easier knowing you can count on such great support.

  12. love the 2 N's...isn't it FUN to meet other nov mommies?

  13. Yay for babycenter. If it hadn't been for that, I would have never found your blog either. And although, we have yet to develop a deep, 50-year-long friendship... I have enjoyed learning about your life, and seeing our little ones grow at the same "rate".

    Maybe one day Tristan can meet Noah also...(if you're ever in the Lonestar State...!)


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