Westmoreland Wedding.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I got to do a lovely, simple little wedding in one of the prettiest places in St. Louis-- the St. Louis Botanical Garden. It was a nice change from the usual because she only needed me for an hour, there was no formal wedding party, and everyone was really casual and in a great mood. It WAS a bit hot, but the lighting was really nice at 6:00 in the evening, so I couldn't complain too much. I met this bride through her sister, Maria, one of my good friends from school. The little girl is Maria's, and the older girl is the groom's daughter.
I hope I get to do more stuff in this pretty spot in the future!!


  1. everytime i see your pictures, i regret not having you take a few of us when you came to visit!! beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous. You caught some awesome candids. The colors are great. They are going to love these.

  3. Can I just say ... I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!! Very jealous cousin here! And ... everytime I look at my wedding pictures I absolutely LOVE every single one we took at the park that day. Then, I look at the pictures we had taken at the temple (which you did not do! :o( and I'm SO MAD at myself for not having you take those ones too. Stupid me! I just do not like many of them. But, oh well. we win some and we lose some right?! Love ya!


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