What Do YOU Think It'll Be?

Friday, June 22, 2007

so it has been another WEEK since I posted!! Joe, my sister Beckie and I have been in Indiana since Tuesday, and Joe's dad was visiting from Korea before that, so if you want excuses, there they are!
After four long, dark hours back to St. Louis last night, I am now sitting here in my p.j.'s, Beckie is asleep on the couch bed, and Joe is still dead to the world in the bedroom. I have eaten a bowl of cheerios and I am feeling SO good-- back in my home, no demands on my time til tomorrow, and a chance to slow down for a minute. Of course, it will all speed back up tomorrow, with a wedding I am taking pictures for and a birthday party to prepare for, but I'll take today!

So, yes, we went to the Dr., and yes our baby cooperated, and we can report the findings of our ultrasound.

Anyone want to know? Any predictions?

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  1. i will use my prognosticative powers to predict a boy...wait...


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