In the Good Ol' Midwest...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Before Joe and I head out West, I thought I'd post a few pictures of our trip to Indiana to see my two sisters Elise and Julina.

Joe, myself, and my other sis Beckie loaded up her car and drove the 4 hours to a small town called Crawfordsville, where Julina lives, to experience some midwest-ness and small-town-ness. We LOVED it! We took country road drives, watched billions of fireflies make their magic, ate ice cream and hot dogs at a classic old ice cream stand... we walked the town square, ate at local cafes, and really got immersed in the simple life. Julina also took us to Bloomington, IN, another small town, but this one was a college town, so we got a more funky, eclectic experience-- eating at a vegetarian restaurant, shopping at funky shops, and taking in some sales at the local mall. (I bought baby clothes. It begins!!)

{This is Julia with her grumpy old dog Butler... }
Our last 24 hours was spent in the big city, Indianapolis, where Elise lives. We got to see her fun old apartment, an impressively huge Masonic cathedral, and a fun downtown shopping district, among other things. We picnicked by the river in a beautiful city park, and really enjoyed getting time with our two far-away sisters.

As we left to go back home, I made sure that we stopped to take pictures of my future farm house (or the closest look-alike I have ever found.) ... It might be a bit obsessive, but whenever Joe and I are on country drives, I am always ogling the farm houses, and loving each one. It's rare, though, when one that COMPLETELY fits my dream comes along. This one is it.
Real Estate Agents: THIS is what I want. Only, make it in Missouri, if you please.

And last but not least.....
See you soon!!


  1. Have fun Em! I will miss ya. We are going to Utah in two weeks and I can't hardly wait! Your bump is cute and you are cute :)

  2. wow, is joe getting a belly too??? travel while you can. it isn't easy with kids.

  3. I was so happy to hear from you! I love this blogging thing and can't wait to hear more about your life. You are married and shopping for baby clothes--so exciting. I love your photos.

  4. ps. I'm so glad I was in the 212th ward!

  5. You're so frickin' artsy and cool. I can't stand it. Oh yeah, and have fun.

  6. That is a beautiful farm house! I love your stripey dress... so cute! Your family is so fabulous. I'm glad you go to go on a fun summer trip.


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