Ponderings... Oh, and It's A Boy.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

So, yes... we are 95% sure it is a boy. Fun fun!! We went to the store right after our ultrasound and bought our first BOY baby item. We didn't stock up or anything, since it is still early, but having this little teeny striped p.j.'s is helping to make it all the more real for us. We're ACTUALLY having a KID!!

As for other ponderings, when I am not fascinated by all my random pregnancy symptoms, tweaks, and feelings, I still have a pretty crazy life. Joe and I got back from Indiana on Thursday night, did VERY LITTLE on Friday as we recovered, and geared up for the next round of busy-ness.

Today, I took an old roommate's wedding photos. We started at the temple in the morning, had a session in our lovely Forest Park in the afternoon, and the reception all evening. It all went very smoothly, but I am BEAT!! My back has been bothering me, so it is tired from all the contorting, working, hiking that goes into taking pictures.

Tonight, I am home alone (Joe is back at work after a LOVELY week off) and working on processing those wedding photos while listening to my iTunes...

But of course I procrastinate that stuff, so for a minute, I thought I'd share a few more photos--

This photo is of my new little plants I bought at the nursery. My favorite is the pick-flowering fucsia on the left. LOVE that little princess flower!

Flowers and gardening remind me of my Mom. This next photo is my Mom and her kid sister, Juli, who was in town from Arizona last week for a wonderful visit.
I love how they look like opposites, but are the best of friends. I love so many things about my Mom and my aunt. They are amazing women. Both so hardworking and talented, but able to laugh so easily and really enjoy their lives.

{next photo: mom's carefree new yellow flip-flops. SOOO CUTE!! She's usually so much more practical than this!!}

When I was home in Columbia last week, staying at my parents' home, I snapped a few pictures to capture some of the essence of "MOM".... to try to show some of her true self in the opjects she lovingly chooses to have around her. I love this lady, and am so inspired by her. And her home really feels like HOME, ya know?

{Mom's birds.... everywhere. She LOVES them. This wreath is just outside our back door}

{Mom's love of BLUE and bottles and cozy kitchen collections...}

{Mom's homemade bread. Best when warm, with butter and honey or homemade jam}

{Mom's flowers: spilling over, filling containers inside the back door and out on the porch...}

{Mom's kitchen window...a plant, a plate, some lace, and she makes even this small corner inviting}

{Mom's lambs and sheep. LAMBSONs, right?? Well she takes this theme and runs with it, and lambs are everywhere!}
So... There are a few things I love today. Indiana photos and some wedding photos to follow. Someday. Ha!


  1. Congratulations! A Boy! Oh how fun, and such cute pj's you picked out. So exciting! I love all your ponderings too. You look so much like your mom, she sounds like such an amazing woman. Love all the pics.

  2. Aww Congrats, So excited for you, but not as much as you are I bet! I'm so happy for you, sounds like you've had a pretty active summer this far in at least... Stay Well!

  3. Congratulations!!! How fun. You'll be a great mom. ;)

    And I LOVE your pictures... as always...


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