If Hard-To-Translate Ultrasounds Bore You, Skip This One.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

We had our "formal" ultrasound today, 19 weeks and zero days. Our doc has two machines in his office, so we get ultrasounds every time. But when he does it, it is usually quick and simple. This is the mid-pregnancy one he schedules a technician to come in and do, so we get to still be in our regular office, but with the gal who gives us a long, satisfying visit with our baby as she measures various bones, organs, and checks to see that he has two legs, two arms, 4 chambers to his heart, etc. And she gives us pictures galore!! If you want to see one closer, or have a hard time reading the text I've put on the bottom of each picture, just click on it and you will get to see it HUGE.
The first one is my favorite, because it is the first time our baby is big enough to try a 4-D ultrasound scan. I like that he looks like he's smiling. Almost like he thought that having the the tech poke and prod him repeatedly was a game. The rest are just other random shots from our session. Read the little text on the bottom of each if you need clarification.
And if this sort of stuff is a bit boring or vague to you, I still like you. Baby talk, endless baby talk, can get obnoxious sometimes. Still, you gotta admit the 4-D smile face is kinda cool-- almost like if he was an alien trying to come out of my belly, and pressing his face against my skin as he tries to tear through-- you might see this face outline in my belly skin right before he breaks through. You know?


  1. i am a skilled looker of ultrasounds. those are great pictures. you are lucky you got a 3D one. lots of kids won't show their faces. and as much as i agree about the endless babytalk does get a little irritating, we all have to remember we all have our first baby, and everything is so new and way cool! i will indulge you on this baby, but watch out on the next one!! hehe

  2. one of my sentences isn't gramatically correct. i hate when i don't read it over before i post it!!!

  3. Those are amazing! I love the first one, he is too cute! :) Love the name Noah too! So happy for you! Awesome wedding pics too, they look so very happy :)

  4. Very cool! I love the pics... you guys must be so excited!

  5. I'm so glad you can think of babies as a little alien-like. I said something along the same lines when my cousin was pregnant and it did not go over well. It was so great to meet you, Emily! Hope your trip is fun and the drive isn't horrible.


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