Gonna Be 30... Gonna be a Mom...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Two good reasons for looking back at the baby pictures of long ago, don't ya think?? here is little me, age 3-4 months, in the famous Winnie-the-Pooh dress that Mom still has tucked away somewhere. At this time, me name was "Emmie", a nickname that stayed for four years. Don't be fooled by that sweet face-- I was a HANDFUL!! Grandma likes to tell the story of how only singing songs would put me to sleep....

What am I in for??

Sorry I have been absent for a week. I have been in my home town of Columbia, MO from Sunday evening until yesterday evening, doing a paid professional training thingy. Truthfully, I only signed up for it because it was in my hometown, so I could spend the down time with my family and my bessie from high school. It has been really good for these reasons:

1. Grinder's turkey reuben sandwiches. Twice!! (sorry, loved ones, but this really is #1. hee-hee)
2. Playing "Celebrity" with my fam and Kyle
3. Two lovely long evenings with Genny-- good food, GREAT conversation, fun shopping, awesome family...
4. The professional workshop provided insane amounts of food/snacks/candy/treats
5. I got paid $150 a day!
6. The wacky, loud, funny, unfocused conversating that occurs whenever more than a few of my family are together at the same time.
7. My amazing Mom and Dad.

This week HASN'T been so great for these reasons:

1. No Joe (in person) for three nights. (Lotsa phone calls...)
2. An ongoing backache that has lasted for over a week REALLY began protesting this week. BAD. I needed heat, IcyHot patches, tylanol... YUCK!
3. Pretty relentless heartburn.
4. B-O-R-I-N-G boring boring meeting stretches of time.... Ugh.
5. My allergies always flare up at home. Must be the dog, the two cats, the bunny, the chupacabras..... You get the picture.

So. I am back in the 'Loo, (St. Louis, get it?) and really really glad for my own bed, my husband, and a few days of HOME before we mix it all up again and drive to Indiana next week.

And two weeks from now?? I'll be thirty. 3-0. Still sounds WEIRD to me.

Oh... and one more thing. We have a Dr.'s appt. in an hour. He told us that even though we will still have our FORMAL ultrasound in two weeks from now, he MIGHT be able to tell us if we're having a boy or a girl TODAY!!! I am SO trying not to get my hopes up yet.... Really.

I'll come back to let y'all know if the little pear is hiding it's shame today or not.



  1. ask your doc for some heartburn stuff. it its starts this early, it won't go away for months!! you will need it to survive. that and a package of tums in your purse everywhere you go....can always use the extra calcium right?? :)

  2. Oh so exciting!! Please let us know if you find out! Sounds like a fun trip even though there were some downfalls. Heartburn is the worst. I felt like my throat was on FIRE my entire pregnancy. Take Terina's adivce because it only gets worse.

  3. Awww you were so cute!! Love it :) Thanks for coming out to the party today, it really meant a lot to me and thank you so much for the thoughtful and beautiful gift! I will see you tomorrow chica :)


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