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Wednesday, June 6

Just Some Layouts...

The top one I did just now... took way longer than it should have, but I was finicky about the last few details. Blah. The rest have been done very recently. It looks like I am WAY vain from this sampling, since I am prominently featured in three of the four... But I swear I am not so vain!! These just seem to be the easiest photos to work on at the moment. I'll branch out soon, I promise!

(besides, my kids will one day be fascinated to see me looking so young and NORMAL someday!!){from the time that beckie and kyle came to town and we went thrift shopping}

{from memorial day weekend last year, hanging out at Beckie and Kyle's apartment}

{taken last fall, in my lovely apron from Mom Vicki... I was trying to look sassy in our wee little kitchen}

{from this past April's Hazelwood Prom}


  1. love the layouts. i look forward to the day when i can steal all of your ideas. that means i will come to your house and take pics of all the ones that i love. (which seems to be all of them so far....)

  2. You are so talented? Are those digital? Teach me...I want to be just like you. :)

  3. Hey Em! Awesome new pages girly! Hope you are doing well and feeling great! ttyl :)