Some Things I Am Kinda Proud Of...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I promise I'm not tooting my own horn here, I just really really like when my creative vision actually turns out in reality. It's not as often as I'd like, but it DOES happen.
These are the only scrapbook pages I've had the motivation to create since Christmas... Part of my lessened drive is due in part to the Blurb coffee table books I have been creating. I have been getting my creative fix putting photos into these books, so arty layouts have gone on the back burner. Still, I LOVE doing it, so I am trying to get off my computer-addicted bum and do some more.
(P.S. If you haven't considered making a Blurb book for yourself, you MUST try it. It is easier than it looks and in many ways it is VERY cost-effective. Plus, everyone will think you're the COOLEST when they flip through your book and realize they're looking at YOU in the pages. *smile*)
My bessie Genny gave me an incredible, eye-popping, thrilling quantity of patterned paper- among other things- for Christmas, so that has been like a little treasure waiting for me to dip in. I have used some of it, but there are a gazillion more sheets, and I feel like the richest lady alive when i look at it all. So I shall do more with it soon.

{dedicated to my kid sis Kirsti... Click to enlarge}

{Dedicated to my desire for winter to be over...Made in the heart of February}

(scraplifted from Rebecca Sower's layout, here:)
p.s. Many many of my "best" layouts are really borrowed from more talented people. I have come to peace with this. I am MORE than happy to give credit anytime. I LOVE being inspired and motivated by talented folks. So. What are you waiting for? Find a layout you love and "scraplift" it!

{just a few things joe loves about me...}
layout borrowed from SOMEWHERE. Anyone know that could help me? I'll find it eventually.


{this is Kennedy. My first newborn shoot. Remember the maternity shoot last month? This is the result! I went to their house and had a really great time playing with this beautiful newborn and catching a few really sweet photos.}

{This is Katie, one of my sis-in-law Mary's employees at the spa. In trade for some yummy spa treatments, I am taking the stylists' photos for their business cards, photo wall, flyers, etc. }

one thing about spa people: they are inevitably beautiful. Easy to make look good in a photo!

More photos to come at a later time. for now, I am still sick, still running a fever, and wishing i could stop using this entire roll of toilet paper to blow my nose. (yeah, I am THAT trashy-- no kleenex.)

Until later, thanks for looking!


  1. seriously, you need to come to my house if only to take pictures of us. or you just need to tell me how to do it. i'll have to find your address and see how far away you are from here. maybe i'll come up. its not like i have anything pressing to do here... haha. i really don't....

  2. The page about me is love-er-ly! I love the colors you used and the picture is classic as well. Did you draw the border? Because its awesome!

  3. yeppers... I DID doodle that border. I "borrowed" the idea somewhere.

  4. Emily! Those are gorgeous srapbooking pages. It looks like you put some amazing amount of time into them and it's so worth the effort. Lovely work!


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