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Thursday, March 1


I love dress-down day. Jeans, sneakers... being comfy. Not too stylish, but comfy is a nice trade-off for one day.

I actually dressed pretty fancy this week-- no "medium-professional", like i try to sneak in once in a while.

Monday was some dress khaki slacks with a sequined-edged tank (for the waistline decoration) with a black turtleneck sweater. I wore these new shoes, which i love. (Old Navy. On sale.)Tuesday was a white button-down blouse with a beaded tank under, pressed khaki capri's and some pretty little suede mary janes. Yes, they were blue. I had on blue suede shoes.

Wednesday was my favorite long denim skirt with a lovely white-with-navy-and-red-floral kimono-style blouse and velvet peasant slippers.

Today was some wide-leg brown slacks with this fun green shirt and striped cardigan, pointy-toed heeled boots. *clackity-clack*

So I totally deserve the jeans and sneakers tomorrow. I think I will wear my pink and pinker striped polo with a long-sleeved white tee under it.

Sorry... Random musings about clothes. Yes, I own a lot of random shoes. All cheap-- less than $25 a pair. Always.

ANYWAY. Happy Friday, wherever you are.

(Question for you lurkers: What brand are your favorite jeans? Currently, mine are some Old Navy bootcut ones I got at the outlet store in Park City Utah a year ago... I have worn them RAGGED. Make my butt look good.)


  1. I know I'm not a "lurker", I actually probably bug with all my comments, but here goes...You have so many cute clothes. I love the shoes from Old Navy.
    Really?! Never a pair of shoes over $25? Even wedding shoes? I'll always splurge at least once a year and get a really nice pair, like Franco Sarto at Nordy's. Have you tried Chacos? They are to die for! When the weather gets nice, that's all I wear.
    My favorite pair of jeans are a no-name brand from Burlington. 15 bucks and 4 iron on patches later, I'm still wearing them and loving them. Seriously, you can't beat $15 jeans.

  2. My favorite jeans are from the Gap. They are the only ones that make them long enough for my legs. I own five pairs that fit me now, and i bought 3 pairs after I had lucy because i couldn't fit into the size 10's. I also buy their Khaki pants. I have 3 pairs of those in 3 different colors. And the best part is that I did not spend more than $30 for each pair of pants. Some were only $20. I really don't know which ones look the best on me. I just know that they are all long enough and that is enough for me.
    No one can ask me anymore if a flood is coming....