Bad Me. It's 2 a.m. Again...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

oh well.... It's the tail end of my break, and I'll make the most of it, darn it!! Above, self-portrait at Mary's spa while I waited for my models to arrive. Dang good lighting there, I must say.
Above: not my house, just a stock photo. But I LOVE that it is the perfect weather for windows to be open and curtains to billow in the breeze. It feels so fresh and new!

And the open window noises are soothing to me... even though I live a mile from a hospital and can hear sirens many times during a night. I guess after two.5 years, I'm used to them.

One of the gazillion photos of the wedding I photographed yesterday...This one is just a quick conversion so I could have a B&W to put on here. (I love the photo, but I think I don't like the conversion. )

These two were the most IN-LOVE couple I have EVER photographed. EVER. It was really mesmerizing. Fascinating, really. I mean, I ADORE Joe. Love him more than life itself. Yet we didn't seem like this on our day... not to the level these two were at. Seriously-- NO ONE has ever been like this in my memory.
I honestly could hardly get them to look at the CAMERA!!

Someone (I think Genny?) proposed that a reason might be because this bride is SO YOUNG (18!!). it was proposed that maybe because she is not only new to LOVE, but new to the whole social lesson of how to act in public and what is acceptable might make this display more poignant, true, and overtly sincere.
Still-- it was pretty breathtaking to observe. Makes me want to get more gooey with my hubby more of the time. Public be damned.
My mom put it well, though-- on a wedding day, it is truly an endearing sight. Any other day, (like in the front row of the singles ward last week), it's pretty nauseating.


So hopefully they'll tone it down a teensy bit in the years to come. If not, well, all us jealous, romantic types will just have to step it up a notch in our own romances!

Here's a few more gooey pictures of the lovebirds and then I am headed to bed. Alone. (Joe's at work. I'll have to make out with him tomorrow. *wink*)

(Here, he is so overtaken by her beauty that he had to pull out his cell phone to get a picture of her for his wallpaper. I am SO serious.)
{Hey... any post-processing tips, anyone? I am just getting to work on these, and I wanna get better and better.}


  1. unbelievable how many people get married at 18. i have already decided that my girl(s) will wait until at least 20. the pictures are great though. and i do the same thing. stay up late to finish a book. but what better way to use those quiet hours? (other than sleeping of course)

  2. Ouch Emily, you put my comment about how they were in church!!! Hope no one in the Crouch family is reading it. BUT, I love that first photo of them - it is so good that it makes all the photos you took of them and the money they spent worth it.

    And, I was married at 19 and not nearly like that. I think it is a combo of their personalities.

  3. These are gorgeous. They are going to be THRILLED. I would be.


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