My Kid Sister's Growing Up!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I am in Columbia, MO for the first part of my spring break... Kirsti wanted me to take a photo or two of her in her prom dress. Here she is with one of her good friends, Mariah.
This prom was a COOL thingy: 5 stakes in Missouri got together and had a Church Prom, complete with classier, more modest dresses, charmingly lit REAL ballroom in a century-old hotel in downtown Columbia, and a dinner provided. It was fun to see how great each of the girls looked.

Tomorrow, I head off to Kirksville, MO to hang out with my friend Melody and make art. I am excited! This Spring Break is going to be all about creativity, inspiration, friend/family time, and replenishing the "well", so to speak.

When I get back to my own computer and supplies, I will blog more fun stuff.

Plus, I have lots of cool photography journeys planned for the week, so there will be fun photos to come, as well.

(Thanks, Jaime, for the photo frame tip... Photos on Wednesday??)


  1. Sounds like a totally wonderful week full of adventures. I love the idea of some photography journeys. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Awww your sis looks so pretty! I love the modest prom idea! The frames look great! how are you liking them? Photos on wednesday sounds great! Do we know what time? have fun on your break, I am totally jealous by the way :(

  3. Ok take a look at these!
    See you tomorrow :)

  4. Ok that link did not work, so check your email! Also check out the bloggie I posted some new awesome products there!


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